Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Humpday Howdy: Future Clouds, Cotton Mather, Tall Dwarfs, Marching Band, Pallers, Parties, Two Hours, Miss D, Sad Day, Death Cab, et. al.

Hello, Mr. Harrison.
Recently somebody made fun of somebody for using the word "Humpday." Some people can be so very cruel. Sigh.

Future Clouds and Radar - The Epcot View mp3 - from Peoria, released 4 Nov. - headed by Robert Harrison, formerly of Cotton Mather - Speaking of which, here are a couple of Mathers we previously posted and love.
Cotton Mather - Lost My Motto (Millenium Chrome Version) mp3 - from Hotel Baltimore
Last of the Mohicans mp3 - from The Big Picture, as is the next one
40 Watt Solution mp3

Tall Dwarfs - Meet the Beatle mp3 - Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, wrong Harrison. . .and yet so very, very right.

Marching Band - from this year's Spark Large
For Your Love mp3 - Love that shift at exactly 1:00 (Declarative, not imperative.)
Pallers - Humdrum mp3 - Thanks to Christian Liljas at Labrador Records.

Femmes Vitales
Miss Derringer - Black Tears mp3
Sad Day For Puppets - Little Light mp3 - More Scandi fun. . .

The Parties - Yours and Mine mp3 - San Franciscans chime it nicely, too.

Endgame (No, FR, not that kind! :-) )
Made In China - How Everything Works mp3 - These Bridgewater, New Jerseyites' debut LP Sonic Blog V.1 is due out on 18 Nov. on Recordburger Records. - Thanks to AOL's
Death Cab For Cutie - 405 (acoustic) mp3

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