Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Eve: Bubblegum Lemonade, Mood, Mystery Tramps, Rudely Interrupted, Orion Experience, Youth Group

Twas the night before T-give
And all through the house
Not much was going on
Because this is a rather low-key holiday over here,
And I like it all the more for that.
We still need music, though,
Would you agree?
Speaking of thanks,
Please accept mine for visiting.

Bubblegum Lemonade - from the Glaswegian's' excellent debut LP, Doubleplusgood--Welcome to the jangle.
Penny Fountain mp3
And here are two previously posted fine ones:
Susan's in the Sky mp3

The Mood - - from the NYers' excellent six-song EP Synaesthesia--I have been criminally negligent in not posting these songs earlier. Please forgive and/or cuff me. Either way (or both), thanks.
Eskimo Scientist mp3 - Update: This was mislabelled as "Influential You" when the promotion company originally sent it to me. Their (then my) mistake, but it's on my back the knout will gnaw. My apologies to you.

Hard to Resist mp3
Actors mp3

Rudely Interrupted - from Melbourneans' Don't Break My Heart EP
Green Lights mp3

Nice Guys Finished Last mp3 - You play your cards right and I'll repost the excellent:
Sugar mp3 - (Well-played, btw.)

Youth Group - from Sydneyites' Casino Twilight Dogs
Dead Zoo mp3 - And, yes, you got it, a previously posted excelente:
Sorry mp3

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