Monday, November 03, 2008

Music of the Sphere: Brave New World/Friend/Citrus Edition

I don't know if this one will seem different, although I sense I'm about to blab my flippin' fingies off. This is my first post from my front porch. Crisp Fall day, leaves like snowflakes, mellow fruitfulness, etc. Yeh, that's right, freakin' Keats here. Anyway, the world of blog seems to be changing before my eyes as well. Got intimations of it last week or so at a PLAGUE of ANGELS and a caveat at Bag of Songs on Saturday. (Contrary to appearances, I do count myself among the ranks of music bloggers and therefore have a vested interest in this.) In sum, the record industry is pressuring Blogger to yank posts with unauthorized tuneage, and Blogger's doing the deed. That doesn't really affect me that much because I made it a point from the start to post pretty much exclusively authorized material. I assumed/pretended most bloggers were operating under the same strictures, but apparently not. So these Music of the Sphere posts might start changing as the favorite blogs begin buckling or even going under. But for now, behold some valuable availables.

Here's a new friend (doesn't know me, etc.) I acquired via the comments at alt-gramma's post on Blogger's yanking of her chain/posts. Mojophenia (who also got wanked) works out of Essex (you know, England--Ah! Layer de la Haye, shall I ever forget thee?) and is a cornucopia of great stuff, much of which is new and pleasing to me. Hope it gets your mojo working, too. Taking the lemons of bad news and making squash, I spent a bit of Sunday afternoon going through his posts back to April 08 and particularly like the following. Needless to say, I left a lot behind, so go there and dig yourself (or his music, or both). Thanks, Mojo (if I may be so familiar)!

The Chords - Something's Missing - Mojophenia
Squires - My Mind Goes Round In Circles - Mojophenia
Purple Hearts - Jimmy - Mojophenia
The Quads - There Must Be Thousands - Mojophenia

Underground Heroes - Skinnie Twins - Mojophenia

The Plastic Pals - She's Going Back - Mojophenia

The Parents - Scientific Proof Of The Soul - Mojophenia



I`m charmed to the core my friend. . . One of great things about the list of bands you have mentioned is not only are they amazing tunes, most of people involved turned out to be real cool people. My faith in the human race is regularly restored even though as you say, I seem to have been Wanked (That means something completely different in these parts) I don`t intend to change anything we do.
Cheers, a cup of tea Sir?

pplist said...

All of what you say delights me, Andy! Thanks for noticing the y/w thing, which this Yank intended to be double entendredly synonymous. And, yes, please on the cuppa, four to eight of which I make a point of downing daily. ('Twas a Layer de la Hayeite who taught me to make it stronger some years back, although he has since moved into Colchester.) Cheers and here's to friendship and music!

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