Friday, December 05, 2008

Fiddle-Free Friedday: Setting Sun, Built By Snow, Weather Machines, Friendly Foes, S. Markus, S. Bennett, Surf City, Everything Now!, et. al. . . .

Please forgive us (oh, such self-delusional comfort in the plural) if we don't fiddle with thematic groupings and such in this post. Just call it a loose concatenation of songs we're enjoying and hoping you will, too.

Setting Sun - They’re Calling mp3 - from the Hudson Valley/Catskills cats' EP, Children of the Remix - Thanks to Fanatic.
Built By Snow - Something in 3D mp3 - from the Austin band's MEGA, scheduled for release 20 January 2009

The Weather Machines - Last Stop mp3 - from Portland, Oregonians' The Sounds of Pseudoscience
Friendly Foes - Get Yr Shit Together mp3 - from Born Radical, released 1 Oct. - Hope you're not offended. Let's face it: feces occurs, even in Michigan.

Samuel Markus - Rosa mp3 - from New Dawn, released in late September
Sam Bennett - I Love mp3 - from the Nottingham, UK feller's CD single, I Am A Lighthouse

Surf City - Headin' Inside mp3 - from Kiwis' Surf City, released late last month
Everything, Now! - Search for Amazement mp3 - Listen to and download the rest of the Indianapolis band's Prequels and Parallels EP here.

The Interiors - My Little Pony mp3 - Thanks to Indie-MP3--who has one more--for the headsup on this Sheffield outfit.
Canadians feat. Cherielynn Westrich - Neverending Story mp3 - from Rewind Part 2, the 70's, 80's & 90's cover project by Buffetlibre Dj's - Canadians are (obviously) from fair Verona.

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