Monday, December 22, 2008

The Moss Poles

I loved The Moss Poles the first time I heard “One Summer” at Little Hits on 13 November 2005, a date that will live in ecstasy. I put them in a Little Hits Faves post back in April of last year, along with four other excellent tunes you can check out by clicking. That’s all I had, though, until Take the Pills did a post on them and sent me to the mother lode, The Big Pole, as it were. At The Moss Poles download page I found “One Summer,” plus 41 other songs, including their first two albums, Shorn and 2nd Album. Some are demos, some are quite lo-fi, but I’ve got a feeling you will find many there you like. I certainly did, as you can see/hear below.

I’ve meditated long and hard about possible meanings of this excellent London band’s name but so far have come up with nothing. It’s probably something arcanely British, something like Maypole or beanpole or dancepole or something. I’m sure with a little research, I could find the answer. Truthfully, though, I don’t necessarily have to know. Yet. I just want to listen, as I do with great pleasure.

For those of you who do need info, here's a pull from their biography webpage, where you can read more if you like. I purposely used a mossy green font, in case you didn't notice. You're welcome.

"The Moss Poles were formed by Nick Potter, Sean Bergin and Mick Kemp in the summer of 1987. They met whilst working together in University of London halls of residence in Camden, North London; Nick was already in a student band with Mick called Last of the V8s, which Sean joined as bassist. . . .In 1989, they reformed for one or two gigs before calling it a day. Sean now plays with an occasional punk band in Rugby and Nick lives in Australia. 'One Summer' still gets played on the radio occasionally, and it sounds as good as it ever did."

I don't know how it used to sound, but "One Summer" and these others sound fantastic in the hear and now. I am posting it below along with selected favorites I found at the download page, so clicky clicky and see what happens. I hope it suits you, as it did me, right down to the (under)ground. And if you find out the meaning of their name? Welllll, okay, go ahead and tell me. I’m ready, I guess.

The Moss Poles
One Summer mp3
Couldn't Find A Reason mp3
My Sweetest Girl mp3
The Eucalyptus Crack mp3

Amanda Dreams mp3
Don't Think About Me mp3
Your Ignorance mp3
Underground mp3


Anonymous said...

wow. The Moss Poles sound amazing.....

Anonymous said...

Geezo - this is amazing stuff. What a shame these guys gave it all away. My personal favs ares The Whole World's Sinking and Your Ignorance!

Anonymous said...

This is the business - check it out maaaannnnn.

pplist said...

We are a happy gang of four.

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