Sunday, December 07, 2008

Music of the Sphere: Sloan, R.E.M., Pristines, Moped, Starflyer 59, Uglysuit, Why?, TWSM, Pica Beats, Samtidigt, Voyage, Such Identicals, Man Like Me

Many thanks to the hosthumans for brightening my life (and, hopefully, yours) via the following.

Sloan - Believe in Me - Ground Control
Moped - Turkey - SKATTERBRAIN - Jangle till you dangle. I'm guessing the bandname is bisyllabic, although either way's cool.
Why? - Fatalist Palmistry - Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good
The Pica Beats - Shrinking Violets - Speed of Dark - I've been sitting on a nice one by TPB but I like Gram's better.

The Uglysuit - . . .And We Became Sunshine - Come Pick Me Up - I see what you mean, CC, if I may get personal, and whyever not?
The Western States Motel - Stampede - Obscure Sound
Starflyer 59 - Wake Up Early & Underneath & No More Shows & All the Time - a PLAGUE of ANGELS
The Pristines - Alimony - Eardrums
R.E.M. - Radio Free Europe - a PLAGUE of ANGELS - + 3 more from Murmur

I had fun with new friends Beth and Dany, who don't even know it (or me), etc. They surely know their music, though, and I found lots of wonderful new-to-me's before exiting. Highlights:

The Voyage - Kitten in the Snow - Exitfare
Samtidigt som - Constant in Motion - Exitfare - Practice your Swedish (e'en ye frae Sverige).
Such Identicals - Council Estate - Exitfare
Man Like Me - Carny - Exitfare - A bit afield from what we normally "dig," but Beth said it's infectious and Beth is right. Popper mileage will vary, possibly quite a lot, so ye've been fairly warned.

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