Friday, December 12, 2008

Six Pairs: Middle States, Pointed Sticks, Astroboy, Salme Dahlstrom, Tilly and the Wall, Le Man Avec Les Lunettes

Kind of a corny theme, but if you like the songs, it shouldn't much matter.

Middle States - from Happy Fun Party
Thought Control mp3 - "Guided by Voices meets Buddy Holly," said Team Clermont, and we kind of like the sound of that. Bravo, Minneapolitans!

The Pointed Sticks -Vancouver legends give new takes on an older one.
Power Pop Santa mp3 - Find the video here.

Astroboy - Thanks to Chris at Music of the Moment for the headsup on this fine band of Uruguayans.
Follow Me mp3 - from Big For The City
Head Up mp3 - Love the Kinksy power chords.

Salme Dahlstrom - from the NYer's August release, The Acid Cowgirl Audio Trade

Tilly and the Wall - from 2008's o - sorry to have taken so long; we adore these Nebraskans.

Apples mp3 - from the Brescianisti's Plaskaplaskabombelibom - We're still grateful for Milk Milk Lemonade's headsup on this one. MML has another tune by LMALL for you.

Click song titles to hear/download songs, artists' names to find more.


Anonymous said...

so are you posting end of the year faves list? BC

pplist said...

Probably not, dear BC, but I'm flattered you might think I could. It would take a wild hair (or hare), so who knows? What are your faves this year (or is it unfair to ask, sans reciprocity)?

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