Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wishing Well

San Francisco's powerpopping The Well Wishers are essentially the solo project of former Spinning Jennies frontman Jeff Shelton, with SJ bandmate Nick Laquintano on skins. I got on a Well Wishers jag this fall and may well never recover, which suits me very well indeed. I was further delighted when Jeff gave me permission to post anything I like from this year's Jigsaw Days. Jeff, you really shouldn't oughta tempt me like that, and I'm assuming you didn't mean to let me go ahead and post the entire superb lp, now did you? Oh, you did? Right then, I will. (Not.) Anyway, it doesn't get any purer than this primo pop, and it's no puzzle why, as you will hear with three simple clicks. Before I post some of my favorites from Jigsaw Days, though, I'd like to mention my favorites from earlier TWW lps, variously available at Not Lame (link gets you to one lp, then use search box for others), eMusic, and iTunes. Your kilometerage will vary, so go test drive at your convenience.

Twenty-Four Seven (2004): Press Begin to Play - Sex & the Suburbs - See for the First Time
Under the Arrows (2005): Brain Trust Odyssey - Break It Up - Double Vision - In Search of Alter Egos
How I Won the War (2007): It's True What they Say About Girls - Broken Glass - I'm In Love - The Optimist - Hope Is Fading - Seashells - Grey Skies Black

While we're at it, you can also find Spinning Jennies tuneage here (as above), here, and here.

Okay, get clicking.

The Well Wishers - from Jigsaw Days

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