Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The No-Hype Zone: Raveonettes, Ivy League, Elvis Garage, R.J. Manning, AWWBLOT, THWFOS, Rhinos, Parties, An Horse, SCS, MGM, MLOTV, A. Kerr

Pure Ivy Leaguers, obviously
We shall eschew our usual interminable, prolix, and endlessly fascinating in-depth analysis and let the ears have it. If that doesn't quite do it for you, click the green and yellow and orange links, you insatiates.

For Those About to Pop (Thanks again, Javelin Boot.)
This Is Ivy League - You And Me And The Moon (Magnetic Fields cover) mp3 - And in case you missed them, here are two previously posted faves by this New York duo.
The Richest Kids mp3
London Bridges mp3 - Thanks to Clyde Erwin Barretto of Fanatic.

In Elvis Garage -from Malmö (one-man) band's 2008 release Winning by Cheating via Stop/Start Records (where you can hear more)
Residue mp3
Outdated Charts mp3

Roger Joseph Manning Jr. - Down in Front mp3 - from former Jellyfish's Catnip Dynamite, due out 3 Feb. 09

Winter Mix(up)
The Raveonettes - Come On Santa mp3 - I must confess I'm not that much into Xmas music, but this one's very nice. As is this next one, by now something of a classic. . .
And What Will Be Left of Them? - Have Yourself a Filthy Little Christmas mp3
Their Hearts Were Full of Spring - Winterlong mp3 - Wonderful Neil Young cover

Shine on, You Crazy. . .Quartz
The Rhinos - from the Malmö band's excellent 2008 release Ri-Fi - Read an enlightening review at Powerpopaholic.
PTO mp3
Everything That She Believed mp3
And from 2003's Year of the Rhinos:
Stop the Time mp3

The Parties - The Parties mp3 - One more by the Frisco band is available at Rainbow Quartz.

Femme Fix
An Horse - Postcards mp3 - from Brisbane duo's Rearrange Beds, due out 17 March 09
Secret Crush Society - Baltimore's Got Your Back mp3 - from NY/Baltimore group's Into the Dolphin
Music Go Music - Reach Out mp3 - from L.A. band's 12" Reach Out, released in August by Secretly Canadian

And for a soft landing. . .these two reminded me of one of my favorite New Zealand bands, The Bats, previously mentioned here.
My Lily of the Valley - Precious Moments mp3- Thanks to Morten at Hits in the Car for the headsup.
Ally Kerr - Someone's Got a Crush on Me mp3 - Thanks to Peter at Coast is Clear.

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