Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Corner Laughers

I know for corners, okay, and I got in these guys' - er - ladies' lickety split. I'd already bought four of the Bay Area band's creations at eMusic before getting their email yesterday and have since added more purchases and the free downloads to which they directed me . The songs are hooky, clever, and, yes, often chuckle-inducing. Thanks, Laughers, and keep up the great work! [A few minutes later. . .] Okay, Frisco, we have a problem. I’d like to post the songs in the usual way, but Blogger and are having issues. Click here to get to their GarageBand page. Click on the green arrow to listen to a song. If you like and want to download it, click on the song title to go to its download page. These are my favorites: "New Leaf," "U 2 R The 1s," and "Everybody Knows." Your mileage may vary. Enjoy!

The Corner Laughers MySpace Page


Angela said...

Thanks so much for the kind words!
- Angela

pplist said...

Well thank YOU for the excellent entertainment, Angela! - pplist(enjoyer of and laugher with Laughers)

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