Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday Sampler: Mary Onettes, Rosebuds, Albert Hammond, Jr., Shaky Hands, Static of the Gods

Words or music? Right.

The Mary Onettes - Void mp3 (pic)
The Rosebuds - Get Up Get Out mp3
Albert Hammond, Jr. - Postal Blowfish mp3
The Shaky Hands - Why and How Come mp3
Static Of The Gods - User mp3


Anonymous said...


I found your blog by random. It's what I do when bored at work, haha.
If you like "Static of the Gods" (which is amazing that you do), you should check out "The Dilettantes". It's fronted by Joel Gion of "Brian Jonestown Massacre". You'd probably like it, just a thought!
Sorry for rambling.


pplist said...

Glad to see you were takin' care of business! I like The Dilettantes, too, as you'll see here:

Thanks for your comment and keep up the good work!

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