Friday, March 09, 2007

Little Hits Faves - Part Quatre

Apos for no post yesterday. Illness knocked me not so much flat as into a fetal position. Oh, sure, great memories of early days, but I couldn't enjoy them fully for the aches and pains. But enough of that. It's Friday and time for more favorites from the fabulous blog, Little Hits. In case you're new here, you can click on the following Little Hits Faves posts for 15 more songs: Part Premier, Part Deux, Part Trois. And if you're new, I usually post mp3s and such but with Little Hits, I send you to the appropriate post there and you can click on the blue Artist/Song Title to hear the song.

The Bats (US) - Popgun
The Journey Men – She’s Sorry
The Pastels – Nothing To be Done
The Feelies – Dancing Barefoot
The Three O’Clock – All in Good Time

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