Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sunday Miscellany

Intimations were early given here of my love of The Posies, so I was happy to find at Coast Is Clear the link to a Jon Auer song I've enjoyed for some time now. Peter has two more nice ones at CIC, for which, thanks. Estonians Pia Fraus have several more pleasing downloads here, as do Delawareans The Wrens here. Since some of you might not have appreciated the dark "humor" in my earlier posting of Black Lips, I'll forgo the temptation to reprise that font. Like "Not a Problem," this is another cool garagy thang.

Jon Auer - Tears mp3
Pia Fraus - Condemnation mp3
The Wrens - Built in Girls mp3
Black Lips - Stranger mp3

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