Thursday, March 15, 2007

Scandinaviana: Moonbabies, Black Belt, Samuraj Cities, 1999, You Are My Everything, Reverend Big O

Parasol's Jim Kelly comes through again, and excited I am to find all these apt Nordic candidates for The Soundtrack of My Life. Jim also sends us off for an update at Go, Jukebox!, the superb Swedish label whose free download offerings I celebrated in an earlier post. I'm reposting the two by You Are My Everything, plus more by them and another by Reverend Big O. Sure, RBO's name turns me off on multiple levels, but their music only accelerates ascent.

Moonbabies - Weekend A-Go-Go wma
Black Belt - Hold On wma
Samuraj Cities
Hard Rain wma
So Sorry, So Sorry, So Sorry wma
Legends wma
Hated People wma

From Go Jukebox!

You Are My Everything
Can You Feel What It Takes mp3
A Heart is Still a Heart mp3
Open Space mp3
Factory of New Consent mp3
I Was a Punk mp3
Reverend Big O - Tonight mp3

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