Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Dora Flood: Soakin' In It

Oh. . .my. . .Godot but I’ve been waiting for this bit o’ balm for quite a spell now. That vast throng of earhungries who sup at merz’s ample board are quite aware of the master’s particular fetish, and it ain’t for hats. No, it’s quite antipodean to that, and long are the playlists I’ve compiled of footwear-focused tuneage from his generous blog.

Okay, sorry, this is hazy, but I’m just emerging from the full immersion experience of Frisco gazer/dreampoppers Dora Flood, recently highlighted at Mars Needs Guitars. After offering two superdupers, merz casually mentions that the band has posted its entire back catalogue over at their website. Warning: do not go unless you have, like, several hours or, alternatively, a strong and quick right-click finger. If you go, I’m pretty sure you won’t be sorry. I wasn't. Did I sample all 50 songs there? Yes. Did I like every single song? Yes. But, as is my wont at this little cosa mia I call “Powerpopulist,” I have posted the ones most pleasant to our particular aural palate. If you, as I, also favor the chaussure-sighting, the psychedelic, or the just generally heavy/floaty musical bubblebathy, you will find more than enough there to soak till you shrivel, float till you flop, and mainly just smile really, really big outside and in. Do I exaggerate? Nnnno.

Dora Flood
Gridlock mp3
Down Again mp3
Go in Tonight mp3
Las Vegas mp3
Anvil Ill mp3


Anonymous said...

ahh yes, am glad that you are enjoying the Flood, excellent pics on the tracks too, some of my favs also!

pplist said...

Thanks, merz. High praise, coming from you. I was thinking today--and this ain't no shite--if the only music ever posted at this blog were these Dora Flood tunes, it would have been worth doing. (Note to self: How about a one-post blog?)

Anonymous said...


Great post! Dora Flood are not only a wonderful band, they're great people! As a long-time fan it always gets my blood pumping when someone else discovers them. The new one, on Elephant Stone, is their best ever, imho. They've really nailed their own sound. Thanks for bringing attention to them.


pplist said...

They've had my blood pumping for more than a week now, valis--quite a rush. Thanks for the extra info about this superb band. I'll also say, "you're welcome," but only while again acknowledging the provenance of the mighty merz!

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