Friday, March 30, 2007

Little Hits Faves - Part Sept

The Powerpopulist team (of one) is yet again delighted to have reached the week's penultimate day because it means we get to post some of our favorites from the fabulous Little Hits blog. At the risk of sounding repetitive - and we boldly accept that risk - we direct your attention to the six previous posts of Little Hits Faves, which can be accessed here, here, and here. We'd also remind you to click the artist/song titles below to take you to the appropriate Little Hits post. Once there, click the blue Artist/Song Title to ignite the mp3.

Fools Face – Won’t Make It Hard
The Pencils – Watching the Tears
Trainspotters – Hiring The Hall
The Ways and Means – Breaking Up A Dream
The Shake Shakes – You Can Run

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