Friday, March 16, 2007

Little Hits Faves - Part Cinq

Quickened of pulse and trembling of hand, I note that it's Friday and therefore time for Little Hits Faves. Last week's Little Hits Faves is a helpful entry point to previous LHFs, but for the sake of those new to this feature, I will mention that clicking below will take you to the Little Hits page with the mp3 of the song. Once at Little Hits, click on the blue Artist Name - Song Title to launch the song. I should have said earlier that Little Hits also has some of the best writing of any blogs I visit, so multiple cranial sectors are nicely serviced.

Material Issue – Echo Beach
Material Issue – The Girl Who Never Ever Falls in Love
The Gigolo Aunts – Weird Sister
The Flamin’ Groovies – Way Over My Head
The Stepford Husbands – Seeing is Believing

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