Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I happen to know and will not tell how a certain someone very much liked the song I posted Monday by The Faintest Ideas. It made me wonder if that and other someones might enjoy songs by the band's earlier incarnation as Javelins. (They changed their name in the spring of '05 to avoid being confused with other similarly-monikered bands.) I have found that such nimblequick response to revealed visitor preferences is, in the feral world of blogging, the way we get by. As is so often the case these days, Javelins/TFI come to us by way of Gothenburg, Sweden. By the way, the certain someone's moniker is found in this post.

When I Was 7 mp3
I Was Raised as a Polar Bear mp3
Dexter's got a sinister heart mp3


Anonymous said...

spoonie gee?

bc said...

great post

pplist said...

You are most kind, bc!

pplist said...

To Anonymous: Welllllllllll. . .?

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