Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Beatles Moments at Marathonpacks

Not yet filled to surfeit by the hoopla over today’s release of the new Beatles reworking, Love? Mourning the mashup of your Beatles faves in the interests of Cirque du Soleil weirdness and Capitol’s lust for a Christmas season kick in the assets? To meet either need, and perhaps others, I recommend an enlightening click over to the always excellent marathonpacks. Eric consistently provides some of the most stimulating insights into music I’ve ever read, so much so that he gets me first to listen to, and second—gasp!—enjoy music I would ordinarily pass right by. He also takes me deeper into music I thought I already knew—like, oh, The Beatles. Earlier this year he posted a riveting discussion of his favorite moments in Beatles music and invited readers to share their own. He included excerpts of the music to illustrate his points. The response was overwhelming, so he added a sequel. Go there and I promise you happy hours that will enhance your enjoyment of The Beatles while prompting you to reflect on your own favorite moments of that magical music. Now that fills me up and leaves me wanting more.

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Anonymous said...

I guess the hype behind Love was so great that we were destined to be underwhelmed by the result, but I must admit to being a shocked in a disappointed way at how little these songs were changed - I was lead to believe by some reviews that the mix would in essance make new songs - instead, many of the songs sounds like timid attempts at a modern remix. While I agree the sound is awesome, most of it is the same old songs. In some cases I found myself annoyed that the remixs buried some of the guitar parts I had grown to love (say, in "revolution"), softening up the distortion in the handclap middle by pulling the guitars out of the "red" mix. And what is the point of simply mixing the drums louder on Sgt Pepper Reprise? All it does is pull the guitars back, and takes away from the thrill of the song. OK, there are some cool parts - the Mr Kite-I Want You-Helter Skelter mash-up is good, as is the Drive My Car-The Word-What you're Doing. But all in all, I agree with AMG. 3 stars, not five. (OK maybe 3 1/2....)

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