Saturday, November 18, 2006

Mira a Mira

For a couple of years now I’ve been regularly visiting mp3 blogs for my own enjoyment, little thinking I might one day have one of my very and not writing down which blog I was getting a song from. Now with Powerpopulist, my little world has changed. Unless a song is widely posted across the blogs, I have tried to be careful to acknowledge where I happen to find it. This past Wednesday I posted several songs new to me and unearthed—no, that sounds dirty—revealed at the superb South American blog, Mira el Péndulo. (And thanks again to Indie MP3 for alerting me to MEP). I just finished going back through MEP's entire two-year archive and can describe it in one word: Wow! I found tons of stuff I’d never heard of, but also precious links to songs I’ve been dying to share. I offer but six and encourage you to visit MEP for more. I’m providing links to the archive pages where each of the six was found. Eye hath not heard nor tongue seen the agonies of leaving behind Tall Dwarfs’Meet the Beatle.” (Later, Beatles fans. Have a nice decade.) I go instead with the Dwarfs’ pleasing little squall of sound, “Pirouette.” And these others. (By the way, that's not the right album cover; I just liked this one better. Cheap? Tawdry? Why, thank you.)

Crumb - Follow Me Home mp3 -Oct 2005
The Jessica Fletchers - I Got News mp3 - Dec 2005
Rough Bunnies - Dance With Your Shadow mp3 - May 2006
Leopold - Stupid Disco mp3 - Sept 2006
Tall Dwarfs - Pirouette mp3 - Nov 2006
The Pooh Sticks - On Tape mp3 - Nov 2006

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