Friday, November 17, 2006

Lions & Tigers and Economy Wolf

At their MySpace site Economy Wolf describe themselves as “part of an east London based collective of artists and musicians called Trial & Error.” EW are the lupine reincarnation of the group Lions & Tigers. (Music hath the freakin’ power, man.) I discovered them at the excellent Nothing But Green Lights, who predict this group will be big in 2007. It is an act of iron will not to use the same cool band logo NBGL used, but they got there first, or at least before me. In addition to being coolio to listen to, the songs and MySpace site give you the chance to practice your French, English, and sign language.

Economy Wolf
It’s All Behind You mp3
San Sebastian mp3

(Not meaning to insult, but you can zoom in on the picture by clicking on it.)

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