Sunday, November 12, 2006

The First of The Last

The Last were another of the great late-70s/early 80s bands that didn't get the fame they deserve. Rising out of the L. A. club scene alongside 20/20, The Plimsouls, and The Knack, their 1981 debut L. A. Explosion, is packed with the power and the pop. Original label Bomp! reissued the album in 2003, from which come the following. Their MySpace site has four more songs, including the insanely catchy "This Kind of Feeling." The album and, of course, individual songs are available at eMusic. While at eMusic, check out "Century City Rag," a sort of "Well-Respected Man" for the Reagan-Thatcher era.

The Last
Looking at You mp3
She Don't Know Why I'm Here mp3

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