Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Rondelles - The Lovekevins - The Brother Kite

I found these three bands during webly rambles spaced out over many months during the past year. I recently came across Washington, D. C.-based The Rondelles at the excellent Coast is Clear, so thanks again to Peter of Kiel. The song posted below, "Please Shut Up," was on their 2000 album Fox. The Lovekevins are from Malmo, Sweden. I found them about a year ago and frankly can't remember where. Swedesplease would be a good guess, as that is an excellent site for finding music from you-know-where. The Lovekevins' influences include Talulah Gosh, Metal Urbain, and Takako Minekawa. The Brother Kite hail from Providence, Rhode Island and will be playing this coming Thursday at TT The Bears in Cambridge, Mass. Click on the band names to learn and/or hear more.

The Rondelles - Fox - Please Shut Up mp3
The Lovekevins - Max Leon EP - mp3
The Brother Kite - The Brothers Kite - The Music Box mp3

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