Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bedroom Eyes - The Tyde - She, Sir

I'm really excited about these three groups. I just found Bedroom Eyes at the excellent Absolut Noise, "Le Frenglish mp3blog about Swedish rock music." (Yeh, yeh, I use that "excellent" a lot when propping, but, hey, these are my favorite blogs, ya know?) Hop on over there to hear other Bedroom Eyes songs and link to BE's MySpace site. I'm not sure where I found Angelenos The Tyde, but when I do, I'll give props. [Imagine, if you will, the passage of five hours' time. What does that feel like? Never mind.] Okay, I tracked down The Tyde. I found it at the excellent ;-) I Guess I'm Floating. Again, you will find more songs and links there. Austin Shoegazers She, Sir are all over the blogs these days, so I'll link to their own band site.

Bedroom Eyes - Blueprint for Departure mp3

The Tyde - Go Ask Yer Dad mp3

She, Sir
The Clandestine mp3
It's My Way of Staying Connected mp3

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