Sunday, November 19, 2006

Meet the Smithereens! - Beatles Tribute

"The Jersey Beat Meets The Mersey Beat" as 80s/90s powerpoppers The Smithereens plan a January 2007 release entitled Meet the Smithereens! According to Koch Records, The Smithereens achieved gold and platinum-levels of success with songs such as “A Girl Like You,” and “Too Much Passion." Albums such as Green Thoughts and 11 also charted and were particularly popular on college radio stations. They were eventually pushed off the charts by the grunge movement of the early 90s. The 'reens cite The Beatles as a major influence and have recorded a tribute album that covers all twelve songs on Meet the Beatles!, the Fabs' first official U. S. release. Posted below are live versions of Smithereens hits “Only a Memory” and “A Girl Like You.” The excellent blog An Aquarium Drunkard, where I first read of the upcoming release, also posts one of the best songs from Green Thoughts, “House That We Used to Live In.” I strongly encourage you to go check it out. The Smithereens' MySpace site has live versions of two other excellent songs, “Blood and Roses” and “Behind the Wall of Sleep.” I’m also providing a link to the Amazon page listing most of their albums, some of which can be purchased for incredibly low prices. My favorite, Green Thoughts, goes for one penny plus shipping. I saw them live on the Green Thoughts tour, and they were fantastic. We were right down front. I fondly recall one of my feistier companion's repeatedly placing a Coke can between the feet of the superb, otherwise happy-footed bassist Mike Mesaros. Mesaros didn’t miss a beat in his incredible runs as he unflappably kicked the can away time after time. (My friend is lucky he didn’t get his own kicked.) Only a memory, but a good one.

The Smithereens
Only a Memory (live) mp3
A Girl Like You (live) mp3

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