Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Grates: More Fun (Liar-Style)

Again with the fun, but with a twist. This Brisbane, Australia trio "are frequently described as fun.” (Wikipedia). “We just wanna have fun and hope other people do too.” (Patience, vocalist). Patience bounces about the stage, even when singing. Except for pounding the skins, Alana is fairly statonary. John plays guitar with, like, his hands. After releasing their debut EP, The Ouch. The Touch in 2005, various good things happened to the band, eventuating in this year’s debut full-length, Gravity Won’t Get You High, which, come to think of it, is generally true. Not particularly fun, but true. The first song comes from their website and is not in mp3 format. I tested it, though, and it worked. No lie, even though my fingers are crossed. Click on the version that suits your comptuer. The second song is a video. I'm developing a gift for the obvious.

The Grates - Gravity Won't Get You High
Lies are Much More Fun Windows - Mac

The Grates - Science is Golden

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