Friday, November 17, 2006

The New Pornographers

All right, now we're getting into some of the best music of the century. As I've said of other bands, I know some of you are well-acquainted with the Vancouver indie supergroup The New Pornographers. If even one of you hasn't yet met them, though, it's worth the posting. Zumpano's A. C. "Carl" Newman began the band in 1996, and gradually forged a collection of established indie artists into a powerhouse outfit. Particularly outstanding is female vocalist Neko Case. The NPs debuted with Mass Romantic in 2000, followed by The Electric Version in 2003 and Twin Cinema in 2005. It is claimed the group's name is a birdflip at a televangelist who called rock and roll "the new pornography," although that provenance is in dispute.

The New Pornographers - Click song names to go to Matador Records download site. Actually the first one gets you to the Matador page where all three songs, plus "Use It" can be downloaded.
Twin Cinema - Twin Cinema
The Electric Version - The Laws Have Changed
Mass Romantic - Mass Romantic

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