Monday, November 20, 2006

Vanilla: Not At All Plain

Tacoma mini-supergroup Vanilla have brought forth a smart, catchy self-titled album that rewards both casual and closer listening. First, though, Bruce Brodeen of Not Lame Recordings:

“The sound here is progressive power pop perfection, a true pop tapestry mixing sly elements of Jellyfish, XTC, mid/late 80’s Elvis Costello, McCartney Wings-era, Wondermints and Jon Auer. Even a bit of Pink Floyd. With its layered vocals, rich production style and bold artistic vision, Vanilla is one of the year’s most original, striking releases.”

All true, but the layering goes deeper than vocals merely as sound and production. Oh, don’t worry, you will love what you hear. You will tap, smile, let the fun proceed apace. You need it, I need it. Listen more closely, though, to these tales of outsourced dislocation, deception (of others and of self), and attempted redemption, and you’ll better understand another day in the life in the age of terra. I don’t want to spoil the party, so I’ll go. No disappointment at all, though, with this excellent album.

Bangalore mp3
Liar’s Club mp3
The Keeper of the Faith mp3

Band website

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