Sunday, November 05, 2006

For Those About to (Sub) Pop. . .

I enjoy prowling around record label websites. Here are some gleanings for the past couple of years from the great Sub Pop. If you like anything here, there's more where they came from. If you don't like anything here, there's more where they came from. Oh, and of course, if you're new to them I must warn you: if you do not want your life changed, do not under any circumstances listen to The Shins. Yeh. In related news, an anxious world awaits the January release of their forthcoming album, Wincing the Night Away. Do a "shins new album" search at the top of this page and you will find that some eager ears have already gotten a leg up. (Me love metaphor mix, yum.) I regret that hideous scratch at the lucky thirteen-second mark in "Know Your Onion" and thought about omitting the song. (I flashed back to black vinyl days.) You won't want it for your iPod but at least you'll have an idea what it sounds like if it's new to you.

The Shins
Kissing The Lipless mp3
So Says I mp3
Know Your Onion mp3
Rogue Wave
Endless Shovel mp3
Publish My Love mp3
10:1 mp3
The Extremists mp3
Dead Wrong mp3
Saint Etienne - Lose That Girl mp3
California mp3
Monkey mp3
Entertain mp3
Jumpers mp3
The Thermals - A Pillar Of Salt mp3

Contrary to one who holds that "clever titles are so last summer," sometimes they can be even older. I don't necessarily agree that they are even then passe. The title of this post comes from one of the cleverest I know of, an album by Austin band Javelin Boot. I do recommend the lamentably deceased "clever titles" blog, though, for helpful insight into music. She's no longer doing that blog, but her archives remain.

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