Friday, March 28, 2008

All This And A Title, Too

We found music. Thank you so much, dear visitor, for not insisting I yak (meaning below the box). Suffice it to say, we "dig" what we post. You might, too, even if for entirely different reasons. You want info, click green. You want music, click song titles. You want both. . .you really are complex. Happy weekend.

Violens - Violent Sensation Descends mp3 - Thanks to Tell All Your Friends, which I'm attempting to do. Both of them.
Kid Dakota - Chutes + Ladders mp3 - from Minn., Minn., their name nothwithstanding to the contrary and such. (pic) - Thanks to Andy Silva at Fanatic Promotion.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Non-Baker's Dozen

Please know, dear visitor, if we had the words to say how much we're enjoying the following, we'd spend them.

Murdocks - Playhouse Down mp3 - I've seen at least two different names for this song. I'll go with the one Vitriol's Ian Anderson graciously sent me today. The new EP, Roar, emits next week.
The Ugly Beats - The Light Comes On mp3 - I've been enjoying this group for awhile and am grateful to Paul Ford for alerting me to this song's availability at the SXSW artists site. See Paul's entertaining, insightful, and occasionally inaccurate (playful chide) six-word reviews of 763 SXSW artists here. I once thought I was obsessive/compulsive until I saw this Harper's associate editor's work. I'm a piker and a charlatan and many other kinds of semi-bootied.

Double Dips (of Songs)
The Charlatans - Bad Days mp3 - Previously posted but still enjoyed:
Antietam - Time Creeps mp3 - Ditto on the Ppbse:

Sabot Starers
A Place To Bury Strangers - To Fix The Gash In Your Head mp3

Labrador Retrievals

More Scandi Fun
David & The Citizens - Let's Not Fall Apart mp3

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

On Behalf of Mr. Shy

Hi, Ted Small here filling in for blogmeister pplist. pp is going through a spell of extraordinary shyness and hopes to reemerge soon. In the meantime, he's feeding me songs he likes and asking me to post them here "for your delectation," as he enigmatically put it.

Vendetta ValentineDissidents mp3
The B-52sHot Corner mp3 – from Funplex, their first lp of the century

FraukeCanadian Girlfriend mp3
VancougarVanity mp3

FrankelNew Authority mp3

Midnight MoviesShould Have Known mp3

Blue Eyed SonStep Away From The Cliff mp3

Sunday, March 09, 2008

SXSW 2008: Post Six

Now, where were we? Oh, yes, SXSW, which kicks off this week, if the above dates are correct. As mentioned previously, clicking the green artist names will take you to their SXSW webpage. Clicking the song titles should launch the songs. Previous SXSW posts can be found here. The bag is mixed today.

Kate Bradley / The Goodbye Horses - Gold Body 2 mp3
Scary Mansion - Sorry We Took All Yr Money mp3
The Young Republic - Paper Ships mp3
The Submarines - You, Me and the Bourgeoisie mp3

The Law - Still Got Friday To Go mp3
The Mission District - Youth Games mp3
Moke - Here Comes The Summer mp3
Magic Christian - Turn Up The Heat mp3

Zambri - God mp3
Dreamend - Are You Waking mp3

Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Krinkles: "Still In Love" & "Burying The Hatchet"

The real reason they're retiring?
Just when I thought my Saturday night couldn't get any better, I find emailed directions to the first new song in eight years by Chicago's super The Krinkles. Wow, you've still got it, cids, and I sure wish you weren't so totally giving it up, if you cnow what i mean! I thrilled to their 3 - The Mordorlorff Collection back in May of last year, and find the wonderful "Gimme Gimme" is still available via Glorious Noise. (Go there and/or click down below.) The K's will be playing a final, reunion show on Saturday, April 19, at The Spot, located at 4437 N. Broadway in Chicago. (The show will be part of the 2008 International Pop Overthrow Festival.) After years of apparent bitterness, the four guys will reunite and, as stated at their MySpace site, "bury the hatchet." There are several riffs I could do on that one, but let's just enjoy the songs. Thanks, Matty, Dan, Jer, and Henry K, for all the great music, and all the bests to youse!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Just Do It

Me and my blogchild (figuratively)
Yassss, we yanked that last post like a bad molar, like Pepys and his pp, like Sherman on Savannah. So let’s just do it.

Bad Flirt - Heart Of Darkness mp3

Via Audio - Presents mp3

Your Funeral - I Wanna Be You mp3 - from the Smooch Records early-80s underground compilation, The Local Anesthetic

I Love You Baby! - Mon toutou mp3 - Peter's got a couple more fab - and I mean fab - ones here. I found the following, plus many, many more here.
Sellout mp3
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