Thursday, August 30, 2007

Around the Blogosphere: RMS Edition

Holy Mother of Malachi but Gary's on a torrid tear over at Retro Music Snob! I had to repeatedly lift my fingers from the keyboard and cool them in the font of ice water I keep beside the computer. This slowed operations considerably, but the fruits are worth it. Do I feel unease at posting so many from one site and having four days of Around the Blogosphere posts in a row? Nnnnnn-a bit, yes, but this is as nothing to the pleasure you will get from the songs. Credibility, I hardly knew ye anyway. "Thanks, Gary," sounds so paltry, but say it I gladly must. Thanks, too, to the bloggers towards whom Gary points us.

The Stone Roses - I Am the Resurrection - Retro Music Snob
Echo & The Bunnymen - The Killing Moon (12” Remix) - Retro Music Snob
Pete Townshend - Rough Boys - Retro Music Snob
The Donnas - You Don’t Wanna Call - Retro Music Snob
Devo – Watch Us Work It – Retro Music Snob
Urge Overkill - Sister Havana - Retro Music Snob
Ramones - Havana Affair - Retro Music Snob
The Replacements - Nobody - Retro Music Snob
America - Daisy Jane - Retro Music Snob
The Pretenders - Day After Day - Retro Music Snob
The Go Gos - Our Lips Are Sealed - Retro Music Snob
Martha & The Muffins - Echo Beach - Retro Music Snob
Dream Academy - Life in a Northern Town - Retro Music Snob

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Quick: Seabear, Pharmacy, Chords, Greg Summerlin, Eric's Trip, Parkas, Girl Nobody

Okay, quick, quick, quick. Nothing but songs. No time for more. Buh-bye.

Follow mp3
Click artists' names for info.
Girl Nobody - Balaclava Casino Heist mp3

Around the Blogosphere: Posies, Pixies, Elefant, Producers, Zombies, Blondie, Sonic Youth, Beulah, Apples in Stereo, L'Audible, Blondie, CCT

It only took two stops tonight to fill the loving cup to overflowing. The ever-faithful Gary at Retro Music Snob had great stuff on his own, but toward the end of the list below you'll see it segueing into Knut's superb Sunday-theme post over at Eardrums. Woof. (Not sure why I barked, it just felt right.) Actually, I'm not really into theme posts, but that doesn't matter because these are great songs. And of course these are only the songs I liked best. You'll find a boatload more at each site. Thanks, you two.

The Posies - Grant Hart - Retro Music Snob
The Pixies - Here Comes Your Man - Retro Music Snob
Elefant - Misfit - Retro Music Snob
The Producers - What’s He Got - Retro Music Snob
The Zombies - She’s Not There & Time of the Season - Retro Music Snob
Blondie - Sunday Girl - Retro Music Snob
Sonic Youth - Sunday - Retro Music Snob

Beulah - Sunday Under Glass - Eardrums
The Apples in Stereo - Sunday Sounds - Eardrums
L’Audible - Sunday Bell - Eardrums
Choo Choo Train - When Sunday Comes - Eardrums - Featuring Ric Menck of The Springfields & Velvet Crush

Monday, August 27, 2007

Around the Blogosphere: The Shins, Blindside, Jane From Occupied Europe, Swervedriver, Stereolab, Black Tambourine, The Rentals, et. al.

Certain exigencies will force me to be even more laconic in the coming days. Expect grunts and head feints. (Btw, I saw I had a visitor this week from Lakonia and got quite excited, though I bit my tongue).
The Shins - Breathe & Mild Child & Strange Powers & Nothing at All - *Sixeyes - The supersighted one has even more by The Shins. (That asterisk isn’t a typo. It shows I’m in the know. Now you are, too.)

Matt's whipped up another fabulous SHOEGAZE mélange over at SKATTERBRAIN.
Blindside - Anvil - SKATTERBRAIN
Jane From Occupied Europe - Mourning Glass - SKATTERBRAIN
Swervedriver - Last Train To Satansville - SKATTERBRAIN
Stereolab - Jenny Ondioline - SKATTERBRAIN
Black Tambourine - Black Car - SKATTERBRAIN

Catherine Wheel - Heal - Speed of Darkindie mom's birthday celebration continues and ends on a high note.
Interpol - Not Even Jail - Speed of Dark
Muse - Exo-Politics - Speed of Dark

Sunday Morning Chameleon - Go On - Gaper’s BlogGaper’s two-for-two with his Friday series, The Unheard Music. (He began last week with Game Theory, in case you missed it.)
Helen Love - We Love You & Girl About Town - The Runout Groove - Actually, I dug the other two by Helen Love, too. Scope-out suggested.
The Rentals - Little Bit of You in Everything - Instrumental Analysis
Georgie James - Look Me Up - Obscure Sound
The May Fire - They Make Me Mad - Obscure Sound

Thanks to the hostesses and hosts.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Ministry: Twilight Revival, Health, Company of Cowards, Ministry, The Jessica Fletchers, Switches, Dah Da Candy, Ballboy

May I have a sip of that water, please?
Today's organizing principle: They're here. Warning: Prepare ye not to settle into any one groove. I kid thee not.

Ministry - Let's Go mp3 - Thanks to (pic)

The Jessica Fletchers - Sorry About the Noise mp3 - I love songs that begin with telephone convos. Might make a nice theme post. . .for somebody else.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Around the Blogosphere: New Pornographers, Stone Roses, Matthew Sweet, New Order, R.E.M., Go Go's, 20/20, Thin Lizzy, Beatles, Who, Supertramp, et. al

I'm awfully glad to have found over at the excellent The Glorious Hum two songs from Challengers, the new album by The New Pornographers, released earlier this week. at Speed of Dark's got us kind of wishing she'd have another birthday sooner than 359 days from now (although my guess is, she's cool with letting it take its own sweet time.) The ever-vigilant Retro Music Snob helped me find Echoes in the Wind, yet another new (to me) blog with top-notch listenables. And of course the other usual suspects are up to much good. So thanky kindly, all ye who host and post.

The New Pornographers - All the Things That Go To Make Heaven and Earth & Mutiny, I Promise You - The Glorious Hum
Right Away, Great Captain - Night, Marry You - The Glorious Hum
Darkel - My Own Sun - Badminton Stamps
Mates of State - Along for the Ride - Battle of the Midwestern Housewives
Square Root of Margaret - Memories of Things to Come & Hollywood Will Find a Way - Milk Milk Lemonade

The Stone Roses - I Wanna Be Adored - Speed of Dark
Matthew Sweet - I’ve Been Waiting - Speed of Dark
New Order - True Faith - Speed of Dark

R.E.M. – Talk About the Passion & Fall On Me - Retro Music Snob
The Go Go’s - Skidmarks on My Heart - Retro Music Snob
20/20 - Out of My Head - Retro Music Snob
Thin Lizzy - Freedom Song - Retro Music Snob

The Beatles - Rocky Racoon - Echoes in the Wind
The Who - Behind Blue Eyes - Echoes in the Wind
Supertramp - It’s Raining Again - Echoes in the Wind

Friday, August 24, 2007

Late: GoStation, New Model Army, Midways, Nyles Lannon, John Ralston, Radical Face, Numbers, Stuperhero

Sure ain't Oliver's Army (though I hope they're here to stay).
I've stayed up a wee bit late for a worknight, so here goes. If you, too, are in a biggish hurry, skip down to Stuperhero. You'll be done in a jif, surfeited anyway (we hope).

The GoStation - All Together Now mp3
Nyles Lannon - Next Obsession mp3

John Ralston - Ghetto Tested mp3 - Ta,
Radical Face - Welcome Home mp3 - Ta,
Numbers - Mind Hole mp3 - For 1/3 of a minute this seems to be going nowhere slow. Then we hear a premonitory psychish buzz that builds into something quite satisfying indeed, maties.
Stuperhero - They make the two-minute song seem like "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida."
5 O'Clock Mad Dash mp3
Flying Discs mp3
Spoon - Idiot Driver mp3 - Vroooom. Go, boyo.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Around the Blogosphere: Smithereens, Marshall Crenshaw, Long Ryders, Furniture, La's, J & M Chain, Smiths, Neutral Milk Hotel, Primal Sceam, more. . .

Ye olde Retro Music Snob is out of control with great stuff. I'm having to pull all kinds of shenanis to get around my "no-more-than-five-at-a-time-from-da-Snob" policy, like just going ahead and breaking it. Feels good. Silly, stupid, pathetic rule anyway. Also, all on my own I happily found a couple of songs Gary links to before seeing them again at RMS. (Like it matters anyway, we're all in this together, etc., etc., yay, team, rah rah rah, shut up and post.)
The Smithereens - Time and Time Again - Retro Music Snob
Marshall Crenshaw - Someday Someway - Retro Music Snob - Unbefreakinlievable, one of my all-time faves by Crenshaw
The Long Ryders - Looking For Lewis and Clark - Retro Music Snob - Superb roots rock! A long-time fave - Again, right outtathe park, man.
Furniture - Brilliant Mind - Retro Music Snob - veddy British, veddy 80s, veddy nice
The La’s - Son of a Gun - Retro Music Snob

This would be enough for a super week, but there's more.
The Jesus and Mary Chain - Just Like Honey - Retro Music Snob - This and the next one showed up here previously, but you might have missed it and of course you don't want to.
The Smiths - There is a Light that Never Goes Out - Retro Music Snob
Neutral Milk Hotel - Tuesday Moon - Eardrums
Primal Scream - Gentle Tuesday - Eardrums
Foo Fighters - Monkey Wrench - 17 Seconds

Some visitors don't seem to go for some of the newer goods. This is both understandable and a bit of a shame because one of my main goals here is to find good new artists and share what I like. But of course it's your call. (Big of me, I know, but I just can't help it.)
Eisley - Many Funerals - A Plague of Angels
Foreign Born - Into Your Dream - Dead Flowers: Anglophiles Anonymous
Violent Vector and the Lovely Lovelies - Can You Dig It - Electric Sailor
Rebecca Scott - The Book of Love - Hits in the Car - Lovely
Spy Machine 16 - On Struggle for Changes and Hope - i (heart) music

I found and downed more, but that'll do for now.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

While We're Up: Centro-Matic, Manhattan Love Suicides, Lionheart Brothers, Western States Motel, Airiel, Super Furry Animals, The Hives, et. al.. . .

This blurb will be even more laconic than usual. Our roadrunner joined the coyote at the bottom of the cliff and has been down most of the night. I'm going to post quickly while the fowl's afoot and I have the means. Hence we hasten. . .

Centro-Matic - Most Everyone Will Find mp3 - For as long as I'm still functioning I'll be grateful to the dear friend who introduced me to these Texans through this song. (pic)
The Manhattan Love Suicides - You’ll Never Get That Guy mp3 - Thanks, Pitchfork.
The Somnambulants - Take It On mp3

Super Furry Animals - Run-Away mp3
Airiel - Thinktank - Thanks to Team Clermont!
The Carter Administration - The REM Speedwagon mp3
The Hives - a.k.a I-D-I-O-T mp3

Monday, August 20, 2007

Around the Blogosphere: Jesus and Mary Chain, New Order, Happy Mondays, Sambassadeur, Old 97's, Primal Scream, et. al.

I've got plenty I could post, but it's all I can do to keep up with the excellent music being hosted elsewhere. Does it really matter where it's coming from as long as you like it? It doesn't to me, so here goes. (Muchísimas thanks to the fair hostfolk.)

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Cherry Came Too - Retro Music Snob
New Order - Blue Monday - Eardrums - This and the next three are part of an excellent series Eardrums are posting during the coming week. You can probably discern the theme.
Happy Mondays - Step On - Eardrums
Harrisons - Monday’s Arms - Eardrums
Shiny Toy Guns - Rainy Monday - Eardrums

Sambassadeur - If Rain - The Glorious Hum - Wow, but then what else would you expect? These Swedes majorly plunk my twanger.
Woodpigeon - Anna, Girl in the Clock Tower - i (heart) music
The Melons - From Hell to Helsinki - Are You Scared to Get Happy?
My Sad Captains - Bad Decisions - Indie MP3
Middle Distance Runner - The Sun and Earth - Instrumental Analysis

Old 97’s - Niteclub - Can You See the Sunset from the Southside?
Primal Scream - Gentle Tuesday - Are You Are Scared to Get Happy?
Honeymoon Over! - Sophistication - Milk Milk Lemonade
Little Name - Tracy & I - mp3hugger
Mansun - Ski Jump Nose - The Runout Groove

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sun Day: Guided by Voices, The Information, Bishop Allen, The Swear, Pernilla Andersson, Marit Bergman, Pia Fraus, Mahogany, Airiel

Pia Fraus and Herrs (vague feeling of mistranslation. . .)

Team Powerpopulist doesn’t always display creativity or logic in its rationale for posting particular songs in particular posts. Some of the fault owes to the filing system. True, it’s hard to blame something that doesn’t exist, but all of this is to say we’ve come across some songs we’d intended to post back in earlier days of the venture but somehow lost track of. There are at least ninety and nine more in similar situation, so we hope to rescue and post them, too.

Male Voices
Guided by Voices - Everybody Thinks I'm A Raincloud (When I'm Not Looking) mp3
The Information - A Simple Plan mp3
Bishop Allen - Things Are What You Make Of Them mp3

Female Voices
The Swear - The Sleep Inside mp3
Pernilla Andersson - Alright mp3

Around the Blogosphere & Happy Birthday, indie mom

If we'da known Saturday was indie mom's bday, we'da baked a cake. Course, we'da had to eat it ourselves, as our fiber optic doesn't transmit foodstuffs. Anyway, my new friends - and yes, both indie mom and alt gramma over at the excellent Speed of Dark kindly extended the bloggy hand of friendship to pplist - celebrated indie mom's thirtieth with an excellent post. (You gettin' all this, hmmm?) indie mom has the clever plan of posting a song from each of her thirty years so far and began today with '77-'81. Below are the three I like best. Oops, and of course, Happy Belated Birthday, indie mom! I'm looking forward to many happy returns to Speed of Dark!

Fleetwood Mac – Never Going Back Again – Speed of Dark
Dire Straits – Sultans of Swing – Speed of Dark
The Cure – A Forest – Speed of Dark

Other bloggers were of course busy at it today as well, so here are some you might like.

The Jealous Girlfriends – How Now – Obscure Sound – Can you wait until the 19-second mark before taking any drastic action? I’m glad I did.
Stiff Little Fingers - Who Died and Made You Elvis? - The Glorious Hum

Retro Music Snob tracked down three Jesus and Mary Chain covers by groups I heartily like.

The Shop Assistants - You Trip Me Up - Retro Music Snob
Elf Power - Upside Down - Retro Music Snob
Tralala - Never Understand - Retro Music Snob

Thanks, hosts and hostesses.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Around the Blogosphere: Matthew Sweet, Collective Soul, Marshall Crenshaw, Built to Spill, Chapterhouse, Game Theory, ELO, et. al.

You want variety, you got variety. The brave and bounteous bloghosts continue to make our lives just that much fuller. I'm doing this bloggy style, i. e., the songs are listed pretty much in reverse chronological order. If you're in a 70s mood, pop right down to the end of this post. I was obviously impressed with the rich fare offered by my new friends (who don't know me) at Speed of Dark and bag of songs. I do not know if Tom at bos capitalizes any part of his blog's name, so I'll certainly correct it if needed. (Also, I keep wanting to type "speed of dork" but won't. It has nothing to do with the excellent blog itself, btw.)

Crooked Looks - Pay Day Baby - Instrumental Analysis
Golden City - Diamond Suits - Can You See the Sunset from the Southside?
The Secret Handshake - Summer of 98 - Can you See the Sunset from the Southside?
Collective Soul - Hollywood & New Vibration - The Modern Music
Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs - And Your Bird Can Sing (Beatles cover) - Speed of Dark
New Order - Crystal - Dead Flowers: Anglophiles Anonymous

Tobin Sprout - All Used Up - Speed of Dark - Former GbV
Built to Spill – Made Up Dreams – Badminton Stamps
Chapterhouse - Breather & Pearl & Track 11 & We Are the Beautiful & Everytime & Deli – Speed of Dark - Six songs, one word: SHOEGAZE!!!!
Marshall Crenshaw - Let Her Dance (Bobby Fuller Four) - Speed of Dark
Game Theory - Room For One More, Honey - Gaper’s Blog - The first of what looks to be a terrific series

Electric Light Orchestra - Strange Magic - bag of songs
Orleans - Dance with Me - Retro Music Snob
Manfred Mann’s Earth Band - Blinded by the Light - Retro Music Snob - Springsteen cover, you knew that.
KISS - Deuce (live) - Bleedin Out - For the firepot explosions alone this is worth it. Plus it's a great song, and don't even try to convince me otherwise, POPPERS. (I love you, poppers, else I wouldn't be doing this thang.)
Pilot - Magic - bag of songs – “Oh, ho ho, it’s magic.” – that one

Friday, August 17, 2007

For Friday: Sambassadeur, Pash, Strawberry Story, Penny Century, Tiny Masters of Today, New Young Pony Club, Le Fits, Goldenhorse

Quite excited I was - and am fairly certain some of you will be - to find the new single by Sambassadeur at the mighty Pitchfork. I adore this Swedish band (pic), as I've made clear. Everyone I've introduced them to (personally, anyway) immediately falls. I've also got some other really nice tuneage emailed to me and discovered yither and hon the past few days. So perhaps the time has come to post, kick back, and listen. Have a great weekend, everybody.

Sambassadeur - Subtle Changes mp3 - From the “Subtle Changes” single due the 29th of this month
Pash - ABCD mp3 - Thanks to Dave Clifford at Fanatic Promotion.
Strawberry Story - Gone Like Summer mp3 - There are three more downloadables at their MySpace site. (Click band name.)
Penny Century - Nothing Burns Like Bridges mp3 - Released as a free download single by Letterbox Records

Tiny Masters of Today - Wise beyond their years
Bushy mp3
New Young Pony Club - The Bomb mp3 - From Fantastic Playroom (out August 28th)
Goldenhorse - Fish mp3 - Thanks to chromewaves, who has one more.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Around the Blogosphere: Beatles, Hives, Flop, Boomtown Rats, Sniff n the Tears, Stars, Ether Aura, Billy Bragg, Fathom 5, Yeah Yeah Yeahs

I made a vow of sorts I would not put more than five songs from Retro Music Snob in any one post. How ludacris,*** but I've stuck to it so far. Anyway, there's a lot of groovy stuff out there right now just waiting to be "sampled." For example:

The Beatles - Help! - Retro Music Snob
The Hives - Tick Tick Boom (Ruisrock 07 live) - Retro Music Snob
Flop - A. Wylie - Retro Music Snob - Silly name, excellent group, from the several songs I've heard so far.
The Boomtown Rats - Up All Night - Retro Music Snob - Apt title
Sniff n the Tears - Drivers Seat - Retro Music Snob

Stars - Ageless Beauty - Dead Flowers: Anglophiles Anonymous - Absolutely pins me.
Ether Aura - Twist & Tell Me That I’m Nothing - Hits in the Car - I'll long be grateful to Morten for introducing me to these Detroiters, one of the treasures of the last year. . .and decade.
Billy Bragg - Take Down the Union Jack (Remix) - Songs: Illinois
Fathom 5 - And the Words - Coast is Clear - One word: shoegaze.
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 10 x 10 - The Glorious Hum - Notice the first/last connection? I only just did.
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Gold Lion - Instrumental Analysis

Thanks, hostpersons.

***Please don't laugh, but at first I spelled it "ludakris!" Duh.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Humptaggin' with Action Painters, The XYZ Affair, Boddicker, illuminea, Bella, Hyperbubble, Sonic Youth, Bloc Party, Pixies

There, I think I've said quite enough, let's to the tuna. I might just mention that I gave a good bit of thought to the three groupings, in case it's not all that apparent. Need more info? If you click the artist names, it will come. Oh, and of course, Happy Humptag.

Boddicker - Mississippi (mp3) - Ta, Toolshed, for the music of this Oxford lad.

Hyperbubble - Airbrushed Alibis mp3 - Some poppers might object to some of the musical jiggerypotpourri in this one, but what can I say, I like the song. So maybe this is kind of a caveat.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Around the Blogosphere: Tegan and Sara, The Apples in Stereo, House of Love, The Judybats, Holly and the Italians

If you've been there yourself (or even as someone else), you know Retro Music Snob is a fabulous source of links to recent postings. I go there regularly and from the many attractive offerings, choose the ones that are either personal favorites or fit in best with the categories of "powerpop," "Indie," and "whatever we like." The latest:

The Judybats – Lullaby – Retro Music Snob - Hurry on this one and the next.

The Pipettes, The Moonbabies, The Get Quick, The Sharp Things, B.C. Camplight, Voxtrot

Still awash with music and trying to come clean. Click the band names for additional information. And enjoy, I do hope.

The Pipettes - Pull Shapes mp3 - Thanks to Team Clermont, which also has songs by Architecture in Helsinki, Loney Dear, Headlights, Gruff Rhys, and Dark Meat
The Get Quick - Seem mp3

The Sharp Things - An Ocean Part Deux - They appear sharp enough to have learned a thing or two from Prof. Bob Pollard, GbV
B.C. Camplight - Blood and Peanut Butter mp3

Around the Blogosphere, Mini Edition: The Chills, Martha & The Muffins, Cat Stevens, Rogue Wave, and The Dandy Warhols

Here are a few nice ones I found while making the rounds Monday night. Maybe if I post these as soon as I find them, we can avoid the alarmingly long lists I've been laying out of late. So far no one's complained, but they're (you're) probably just being polite. Speaking of which, I do thank the hosts and hostesses for posting these songs.

The Chills - Heavenly Pop Hit - Some Velvet Blog - One of my favorite songs of the early 90s
Martha & The Muffins - Echo Beach - Some Velvet Blog
Cat Stevens - Bitterblue - Some Velvet Blog
Rogue Wave - Lake Michigan - My Old Kentucky Blog
The Dandy Warhols - Cool Scene - Instrumental Analysis

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday Poppin': Telepathic Butterflies, 88, Aislers Set, Dora Flood, California Oranges, Herman's Hermits

Nein? Okay, then, let's try telepathy.

Okay, on the seventh - or first, whatever - day of the week we rested but we also posted a nice little set of poppers, both power and indie. I'm indebted to Steve Simels and NYMary over at PowerPop blog for pointing me toward the Herman's Hermits classic, "No Milk Today." You will find several more at head Hermit Peter Noone's webpage. You'll also find some more by fabulous Manitobans The Telepathic Butterflies at their bandsite. The same applies to my new heartthrobs Dora Flood, The 88, and The Aislers Set. Be sure and check out the song, "Run Away" at the California Oranges site. I hope to be able to post it here someday.

Sunday Afternoon mp3

One Half Laughing mp3

Dora Flood
Capsule Life mp3

California OrangesFalling Back mp3

Herman’s Hermits - No Milk Today mp3

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Around the Blogosphere: Weekend Edition

(Inane introductory paragraph removed by blogger.)

No problem at all finding our lead story today.

The Beatles - Two of Us (Let It Be. . .Naked version) - The Rawking Refuses to Stop - Also has video of the final, rooftop concert

I'm still new enough at this bloggig that I thrill whenever some "colleague" chooses to add me to his/her blogroll. When I find s/he is posting high quality stuff I can't resist, it's even better. Such happened with--and here I can accurately use the word "friend" even though she doesn't actually know me, etc.--Ginny over at My Little Ghost Friend. Tesco Chainstore Mascara were one of my earliest posts, but I'll not add a link because the song I posted's been cut off at the source. Sigh. Ginny's posted two superdupers, including an excellent cover of "That Thing You Do," penned by Fountains of Wayner Adam Schlesinger.
Tesco Chainstore Mascara - Sun’s Shinin’ For You & That Thing You Do - My Little Ghost Friend
If all I had found were these two songs, 'twould be a bounteous harvest. But wait, there's more.

(Embarrassing transitional paragraph removed by blogger. Really.)

Current and Recent
Airiel - Thinktank - The Cropper - Shoegaze magic; I'm not bragging or nothin', but I also put one up by these guys here.
Airiel - Sugar Crystals (feat Ulrich Schnauss) - The Muso
Panda Bear - Ponytail - The Muso

Hari and Aino - Your Heartache and Mine - The Yellow Stereo - I posted "Second Song" here, if you want to save PJ some bandwidth.
Johnny Boy - You Are The Generation. . . - The Yellow Stereo - Title of The Yellow Stereo post is “Johnny Boy Gives You What You Deserve" - Brrrrrr.
Mew - The Zookeeper’s Boy - Music for Kids Who Cant Read Good

80s/90s Blissout
The Stone Roses - Made of Stone - Some Velvet Blog - My favorite song by one of my all-time favorite bands; one of the songs in an excellent tribute to Madchester maven Tony Wilson, dead of a heart attack at the age of 57
Guided by Voices - On The Tundra - Badminton Stamps - Hilarious and well-stocked Philly blog I just discovered tonight. Read the takes on Canada and the Corn Flakes/Special K foodfight. What a blog's like when the blogger is cool, connected, and can write.
The Smiths - There is a Light That Never Goes Out - Slave to Shuffle - My fave by The Smiths
Echo and the Bunnymen - Lips Like Sugar - Slave to Shuffle
Joan Jett - I Love Rock N’ Roll - Some Velvet Blog

Retro Music Snob Picks of the Picks
Sex Pistols - EMI - Retro Music Snob
Billy Joel - Sometimes a Fantasy - Retro Music Snob
Red Rockers - China - Retro Music Snob
The Police - Next to You - Retro Music Snob
Al Stewart - Time Passages - Retro Music Snob

What can I say? Hostesses and hosts, you are scrumdiddlyumptious.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Weekend Weadiness Edition: Magik Markers, Gringo Star, Six By Seven, The Woggles, Rockets and Cars, Green Day

Heavy responsibility I feel, what with the weekend upon us and all. Well, here goes.

Magik Markers - Taste mp3 - Thanks to Pitchfork.
Gringo Star - No Reason mp3 - Thanks to Team Clermont. (pic)
Six By Seven - Bochum (You Light Up My Life) mp3 - Diddles then drives; brief patience urged.

The Woggles - It’s Not About What I Want (It’s What You Got) mp3 - Kinda Kinksy -Thanks to mp34u for the cranial uplift toward this and the next.
Rockets and Cars - Perez Hilton mp3- Thanks also to for this one.
Green Day - American Idiot mp3

Monday, August 06, 2007

Around the Blogosphere

My feeble encomia cannot begin to do justice to the magnanimous hosts and hostesses spreading forth such rich banquets of musical repast. I do ground the knee in gratitude and obeisance and such. Okay, I mean it, but let's get to it.

Scruffy the Cat - You Dirty Rat - Retro Music Snob - It's also a Little Hits Fave, but I can't get enough of Scruffy.
The Posies - Burn and Shine - Retro Music Snob
The New Pornographers - The New Face of Zero and One - Retro Music Snob - Leads to a *Sixeyes post with numerous A.C. Newman-related songs
The Police - Message in a Bottle - Retro Music Snob
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit - Retro Music Snob

Ride - Chrome Waves - Chromewaves
Lush - Hey Hey Helen - The Devil Has the Best Tuna
Brendan Benson - Tiny Spark - The Glorious Hum
Blink 182 - All the Small Things - The Glorious Hum

The Saints - Stranded - Noise from the Left - Thanks to new friend Katharine, whose blog is bubbling over with tasty brew.
Neutral Milk Hotel - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea - Noise from the Left - How strange it is to be anything at all.
The Ruby Suns - Look Out SOS & Criterion - Noise from the Left
Grandaddy - Campershell Dreams - Headphones On

Mando Diao - You Don’t Understand Me & You Can’t Steal My Love & She’s So - Plague of Angels
Celestial - Brighton Girls & Dream On - Music for Kids Who Can’t Read Good
Devo - Watch Us Work It - Music for Kids Who Can’t Read Good
The Good Life - Heartbroke - Music for Kids Who Cant Read Good
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