Monday, December 26, 2011

Ho Ho Hozac!

According to our records, on 15 December of this year we found much fine tuneage over at Hozac Records. On this, the second day of xmas of this year, we finally post our five favorites. Please do not hate us for the delay, for 'tis the season of love and hypercapitalism.

Dead Parties Come Alive

Many thanks to When The Sun Hits for the headsup on this dreamy Melbourne fivesome. Read WTSH's excellent interview with guitvoxer Etienne Mamo here.


Friday, December 16, 2011

Music of the Sphere: Resonars, Arlo, Left Banke, Pale Saints, J Coulton, Andrew W.K., Boys, FIDLAR, Bass Drum OD, Wax Idols, et. al. . . .

"Right, that's it, time to post." Thus spake our tiny brain upon finding that excellent song by The Resonars at The Finest Kiss. We're also pretty excited about the other fine tuneage we found at some of our favorite blogs. Thanks, favebloggers, for making us feel that way.

Arlo - Runaround - Peter's Power Pop

The Boys - Do The Contract Hustle - Raven Sings the Blues

Reading Rainbow - Runaways - The Pop Filter

FIDLAR - Oh - Pitchfork

Andrew W.K. - She Is Beautiful - Star Maker Machine
Jonathan Coulton - Chiron Beta Prime - Star Maker Machine

The Resonars - The Golden Age - The Finest Kiss
The Left Banke - Pretty Ballerina - The Finest Kiss
Pale Saints - Sight of You - The Finest Kiss

The Proper Ornaments - Who Thought - Austin Town Hall
Cinema Red and Blue - Walkin' To The Cemetery - Austin Town Hall
Black Twig - Death Scene - Austin Town Hall

Be forewarned that some of this next lot are perhaps a bit harder hitting, perhaps a bit rawer-edged than some pure poppers might prefer. We're not calling anyone wimps and such, just giving a little headsup. Just because they rocked our little world doesn't mean they'll do the same for yours.

Bass Drum of Death - I Dunno - Gimme Tinnitus
Roomrunner - Spinning - Gimme Tinnitus
Roomrunner - Aesthetic - Gimme Tinnitus
Parts & Labor - No Nostalgia - Gimme Tinnitus
Psychic Ills - Mind Daze - Gimme Tinnitus
Wax Idols - Dead Like You - Gimme Tinnitus

Tennis System - Hey, We Tried - Gimme Tinnitus - Wait until at least the 1:20 mark before making any drastic decisions. It picks up pace quiet nicely.

Cloud Nothings - Stay Useless - Gimme Tinnitus
Future Of The Left - i am the least of your problems (demo) - Gimme Tinnitus
Diehard - Back to the Future IV - Gimme Tinnitus
Diehard - Diehard - Gimme Tinnitus - Wait until at least :58 and especially 1:06.
Hunters - Brat Mouth - Gimme Tinnitus
Su - Mountain - Gimme Tinnitus

Incidentally, several years ago we bought at eMusic a bunch of songs by The Resonars, including "The Golden Age," and have enjoyed the group's product immensely. We might mention that we finally found their latest, That Evil Drone, at Bandcamp a couple of weeks ago. It had appeared on many Best-Of lists for 2008, but we hadn't been able to locate it until . . . a couple of weeks ago. We could easily understand why it made those lists. Here's an example.
We don't usually post strictly streaming tracks, but in this case were willing to make an exception. We feel kind of weird but also very, very fulfilled.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sporting Life's SINGLES

An excellent LP of singles by San Francisco's Sporting Life is available for "name your price" download at Bandcamp. Thanks to Get Off the Coast for the headsup and excellent song, "Immigrant." Here's our favorite from the album.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Going Down Under for a Spot of Xmas Cheer with The JAC

From Perth, W.A. come three gifts of Xmas cheer, one of which particularly rattles our (J&M) chain quite merrily. Joe Algeri of The Britannicas, Jack And The Beanstalk, The Rockefellers, Stonemasons, The Summer Suns, and pseudonymous The JAC, amongst others (and, yes, you, too, can read all this at his info page), was kind enough to send links to three new songs to the Audities list. You can find them here, here, and here.

That middle here is our favorite, and you can in fact find it right here. (Well, a few centimeters below here.) You might wanta send the kiddies out of the room before clanking/cranking it. On the other hand, frisky/dysfunctional families might want to have a singalong.

(And, yes, we're gettin' all kinds of fancy, what with our green and red customized xmassy widget and all, in case you didn't notice. Thank you.)

Update: For some reason, the green and red motif got wiped out. Sigh.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Guided by Voices: Fats & Doughnut

from the forthcoming LP
Let's Go Eat the Factory
coming on iTunes 20 December
and in stores on 17 January

Yes, we know, we should have posted the above weeks ago, you've already gripped it elsewhere, etc., etc., but we just got access to another downloadable (see below) by the classic GbV lineup and hope you'll forgive us. Click here to hear and download songs from our previous GbV posts. "Everywhere With Helicopter" was the first mp3 we ever posted, icywtk. The nice live video that pleased a sometime friend is still here.

Guided By Voices - Doughnut For A Snowman by FIRE RECORDS

The Well Wishers' Dreamy New One Due Next Month

We're delighted to hear from bandleader Jeff Shelton that San Francisco powerpoppers The Well Wishers will be releasing new LP Dreaming of the West Cost on January 24. The song below is downloadable at Bandcamp, where you can also stream the rest of the album. We've loved The Well Wishers for years now, and you can still download some songs we previously posted here and here. We don't usually do end-of-the-year Faves lists, but if we did, last year's Post Modern Romantic most definitely would have been on ours.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The CRY! Make Us Smile

In the name of Bash the Father, Bash the Son, and Bash the Holy Ghost, Amen.

This young Portland band’s introductory email got right to the point:
“We are the Best New Powerpop band in the world and we are taking over see. To prove it to you mugs we are giving you a free download of our new Album.”
Right, okay, we get that kind of thing all the time. It makes us kinda skeptical. We go through shakers and shakers of salt. But guess what: they deliver. The kids are more than all right: they’re terrific. Our mugs went into smile mode.

By this point, you're probably already starting to make up your own mind, maybe someone else's even. Whatever, don't stop now. Go to their Reverb Nation and official Bandsite pages to learn and play some more. You'll be glad you did. Everything we could tell you here is waiting for you there, so why waste time? OMB, they played IPO! Nuff sed.

How Do We Spell "Relief?" W-E-E-K-E-N-D

Ma and Pa Slumber were "excited and relieved" to let us know that the limited edition of San Francisco band Weekend's Red EP is now in stock, so we certainly are, too. In stock, that is. Okay, we're also excited and relieved, although we're not completely sure why we're relieved, we just are. The following most assuredly shows why we're excited.

Download here.
Purchase and other information can be found here.

Marvelous Darlings Make Us Want To Party, But We're Hermits, Too, So We'll Just Stay Home And Pine

The LP cover scares us, so we're going with this one.

Marvelous Darlings - I Don't Wanna Go To The Party mp3

from 1 Nov. release
Single Life
Deranged Records

We'd just spoil it anyways. (Sniff.)

MySpace | Amazon | iTunes | eMusic

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Cold Volts' Poppunk+

People Noise by L. A.'s The Cold Volts will definitely be one of pp's favorite ep's of the year. Every song does it. "Dope" is more punky than the other three, so if #1 doesn't do it for you, proceed thou to #'s 2, 3, and 5, uh, 4. Thanks to Get Off The Coast for the headsup and to Bandcamp for the earsup.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Thee American Revolution, Refired

We're not really sure how to handle this one, other than with our ears, which are most assuredly pleasured thereby. The righteous LP by the combined forces of The Apples in Stereo frontman Robert Schneider, his brother-in-law Craig Morris, The Olivia Tremor Control's Bill Doss, and British musician Wm. Shears has actually been out since 2008 but is being reissued by Fire Records, as noted above. Are we supposed to tell you it's already available at the venues below? We're not really sure. Whatever, we're thankful to Team Clermont's Bill Benson for letting us fire it up and your way.

As long as we're at it, here's a long-time fave by The Apples, who consistently do to us what the songtitle earnestly and politely implores.

The Apples in Stereo - Please mp3

We're not big on vids, but this one in an early post always makes us grin big.

Amazon | iTunes | eMusic

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Stop, Look And Listen to Strawberry Whiplash, Bubblegum Lemonade and The Search Engines

No pain in the neck are these lovely Scots, oh, no, not at all and quite to the contrary. That title track from the forthcoming Matinee Records EP by Glaswegians Sandra (vox) and Laz (instruments) has us eagerly anticipating its December release.

Ye might remember the following previously posted item and also enjoy another that could well woo you into a mood Yulish.

Speaking of Laz (aka Lawrence McLuskey), we were shamefully remiss in not posting the following song from last year's excellent Sophomore Release by his (one-man) band, Bubblegum Lemonade.

We intended to post a droll little number spoofing a certain "star" whose name shall not be uttered on these premises. We hereby rectify the oversight.

Click here if you're not getting the allusion. (Warning: hold your nose.)

We would also like to repost the title track from last year's superb Caroline's Radio EP. You can get a bunch more BL songs and info by clicking here. (Once there, scroll down.)

Finally, we post a song we very much like from a pre-BL band of Laz's. You can find eight more downloadables at the band's page.

The Search Engines - In Along With You mp3

Is that enough songs for one post? Probably not, but if you follow our links, you'll find plenty more free and legals. Happy whipping and chewing and slurping and searching and such.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Music of the Sphere: We Five, Move, Stone Roses, Grand Atlantic, Bare Wires, French Kissing, Bad Sports, TV Girls, Bleached, C Stilts, et. al.

As the clock ticks down toward the end of the fifth year of our little music blog, we pause to . . . never mind. Thanks, hosterposters for the great tuneage below. Click to go there and hear and do whatever you like. Thanks for visiting.

We Five - You Were On My Mind - Popdose

The Stone Roses - She Bangs The Drums - Passion of the Weiss - Do you, too, find exciting the fact they're reuniting?

Bare Wires - Dancing on a Dime - Infrasons - plus two more by BW

Bare Wires - Back on the Road - Austin Town Hall (pic)

Memory Map - House Sitting - Gimme Tinnitus - XTC-ish, would you agree?

TV Girls - Girls Like Me - Old School

Hooded Fang - ESP - The Burning Ear

French Kissing - Oh Suzanne - Pop Headwound

Bad Sports - June Sixteenth - Requiem Pour Un Twister

Swiftumz - Angelita - The Decibel Tolls

Montage Populaire - Separate Frames - Weekly Tape Deck

The Move - I Can Hear The Grass Grow - Peter's Power Pop
Grand Atlantic - Smoke And Mirrors - Peter's Power Pop

Said The Whale - Camilo (The Magician) - Chromewaves
Crystal Stilts - Through The Floor - Chromewaves

Bleached - Searching Through The Past - Everybody Taste
Mikal Cronin - Apathy - Everybody Taste

eMusic pppurcha$e$ - July to October 2011

Maybe you like some of the same music we do, maybe you don't. Fair enough. If you do, you might enjoy checking out our last four months' purcha$e$ over at eMusic. We mostly bought powerpop, indiepop, shoegaze, psych, and garage and are pretty darned pleased with the haul. Do you want recommendations? That's kind of hard, as the quality's pretty satisfying across the board. Well, okay, leggo our arm.

We had a good time to and from work today disporting with The Phantom Six, The Savage Resurrection, XL, The Wellingtons, and White Fence, amongst others. We're quite hopped up about Spiderbait, The Blanche Hudson Weekend, The Sugar Stems, and of course the latest Fountains of Wayne. But here we'd best stop, for we feel beyond shame the crushed hopes of all the stellar artists we're leaving out. Just click here to see the full list of 157 lays. Some of our previous purcha$e$ can be accessed here.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Fantasies Are Not So Dumb

Yes, there's no doubt Herbie von K would get off on this smart little janglemarcher. (I mean, look at the picture, for Peter's sake: maestro's smiling his flipping lips off.) We've said several times we really "dig" what these Northampton lads are doing tune-wise and thank them for knocking us up emailily with this, their latest, released today. As noted in those previous posts, you can find more by them at their Bandcamp pages. If you're new to The Fantasies, you simply must click either the word "several" or the word "times" up there and listen to "Tick Tock." Not trying to be bossy, but you must. Thank you. That is all.


Click to listen & download: The Fantasies - So Dumb mp3

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Something About/By Terry Malts

These San Franciscans have really scary artwork on their EP covers, but their songs are way the other way in terms of delight. (I. e., we very much like-to-love.) Thanks to Ma and Pa Slumber for the headsup. Click them down arrows to, like, download.

Terry Malts - Something About You by Slumberland Records

Here's one we posted earlier.

Terry Malts - Distracted by Slumberland Records

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Narrow Sparrow: Joe Meek's Dream

Some of you purer sorts might well be turned off by the electronic emanations that kick this one off. You might well reply in kind by actually kicking/turning it off. And frankly, that makes us kind of weepie because we found the song strangely affecting. Well, it's out of our hands now, so there you are. (The band are from Chicago, Illinois, by the way.) Thanks to yvynyl for the headsup.

P. S.: How proud are we to have eschewed all bird references in this introduction? Not very.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Music of the Sphere: Shins, Fannies, Spoon, New Ps, M Crenshaw, Soft Boys, Ikey M, Cage the E, Gross R, Nashville R, Dinowalrus, et. al. . . .


We're excited about the below and thank the thoughty bloggers for hosting/posting. Click to go hear.

Marshall Crenshaw - Cynical Girl - Teenage Kicks - our favorite by MC

Soft Boys - Queen Of Eyes - For The Sake Of The Song

Nashville Ramblers - The Trains - Requiem Pour Un Twister
- Neither bandname nor songtitle inspire hope, but don't be misled.

Cage the Elephant - Around My Head - Indie Rock Cafe - Every time our 'pod opens this, we make happy ape sounds.

Dinowalrus - Godstar (Psychic TV cover) - Gimme Tinnitus (pic)

Replicants - Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young & Crazy Horse cover) - Star Maker Machine
- Granted, a cover of this might not be needed, but this one is pleasingly heavier than the original.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Dead Beat - Who The Bloody Hell Are They? - more primate jollity

Ikey Mo - You Don't Say - Peter's Power Pop
Fountains Of Wayne - The Summer Place - Peter's Power Pop

Sleeper - Statuesque - Chromewaves
The Shins - Taste Of Cindy (live Jesus and Mary Chain cover) - Chromewaves

Wax Idols - Gold Sneakers - Raven Sings the Blues
Gross Relations - When You Go Down - Raven Sings the Blues - We got GR here.

Steve Adamyk Band - Landslide - Austin Town Hall
Diarrhea Planet - Warm Ridin' - Austin Town Hall - Right, yucky bandname but yummy rocker.

Teenage Fanclub - I Don't Want Control of You - Popdose
The New Pornographers - Silver Jenny Dollar - Popdose
ELO - Little Town Flirt - Popdose
Spoon - Finer Feelings - Popdose
The Successful Failures - Waiting For A Ride - Popdose
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