Friday, August 27, 2010

Bad Books Read Well

Bad Books - You Wouldn't Have to Ask mp3

from forthcoming 19 October release,

Bad Books

on Favorite Gentlemen

We're def looking forward to hearing this ten-song collab between Brooklynite Kevin Devine and Manchester Orchestra, due out on MO's Favorite Gentlemen label. Sure, record and promo companies feed us all kinds of blurbage for their projects, but the song above speaks for itself. I will say, though, that I very much enjoyed one part of the blurb (which you can read almost in entirety here.)

As songwriters go, [MO frontman Andy] Hull and Devine could not be further apart in terms of creative approach. The methodical wordsmith Devine, an English major from Fordham, is known to pine away for great lengths of time just to accurately pin-point one word within a lyric. “I was doing a take of ‘You’re A Mirror I Cannot Avoid’ and stopped myself for fifteen minutes because I was having trouble justifying ending two lines in the same chorus with the word ‘back.’ Just sitting there, staring at the screen, writing different word choices. I asked Andy if he thought it mattered, and he said, ‘Of course it doesn’t.’ Somewhere in that exchange is I think what differentiates us as songwriters. I think Andy trusts his instincts to lead him to the right place in a song, and sometimes I want to outthink my instincts because I’m scared of repeating myself, of resting on my laurels.

Sometimes I kind of feel like Kevin, 'ceptin' I got no laurels. It's okay, though, I'll be fine. Sigh. . . .Well, many thanks to Myles Grosovsky over at Big Hassle for making sure we wouldn't have to ask.

Oh, and one more thing. In case you missed our posting on Manchester Orchestra guitarist Robert McDowell's solo project Gobotron (see pic above), here's the post and here's the song.

pppurcha$e$ - April-August 2010

If you find yourself liking some of the same music we do, click here to check out four months' worth of our recent purchases over at eMusic. We're particularly excited about Virginia gazers Ceremony, powerpoppers Redd Kross, Fastbacks, Eurovox, Bubblegum Lemonade, and The Yum Yums, the two Ash songs, Aussie psych powerhouse Tame Impala, and a band we found in our friend kohsuke1978's library, Cherry Blossom Clinic. But again, we're very-much-liking-to-loving all 209 songs.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tamaryn: Perchance to Dream

from San Francisco band's forthcoming 14 September full-length debut,

The Wave

on Mexican Summer

Occasionally something perfect and necessary enters one's psyche, like a dream, unbidden. (Freakin' poet here, wot?) Thanks to Joanna at For the Win for making it happen.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Music of the Sphere: Posies, Silver Sun, Well Wishers, Caddy, Candi, S. Miller, Stooges, Tears, OK Go, Flips, Satin Gum, Them, Byrds, et . al. . . .

Many thanks to the wise, generous, and thoughtful bloggerfolk for making the following earable.

Silver Sun - Lies - Peter's Power Pop - I've bought dozens of songs by these excellent London powerpoppers the last several years; pure.
The Well Wishers - Grammareater - Peter's Power Pop - Likewise have I expended for TWW. See our previous posts of mp3s by this excellent powerpopping San Francisco band here.
Caddy - Electric Hero & Turn Up The Radio - Peter's Power Pop
The Steve Miller Band - Things I Told You - Peter's Power Pop - I love this deep-cut, long-time fave; Peter doesn't. About such things reasonable poppers will disagree.

OK Go - You're So Damn Hot - Indie Rock Cafe
Super Deluxe - Holly's Dream Vacation - Indie Rock Cafe
The Libertines - Don't Look Back Into The Sun - Indie Rock Cafe
Them - Here Comes the Night - Indie Rock Cafe

The Stooges - 1969 - Star Maker Machine - Star Maker gives us the clap.
Stealers Wheel - Stuck In The Middle - Star Maker Machine
The Rembrandts - I'll Be There For You - Star Maker Machine

Candi and the Strangers - MRI - Covert Curiosity
Watch Out For Rockets - Big Lies - Covert Curiosity

Lost Boy - Fast Burn - Altered Zones
Coma Cinema - Come On Apathy - Altered Zones

The Posies - Earlier Than Expected - For The Sake Of The Song

Tears Run Rings - Reunion - mp3hugger

The Byrds - Wasn't Born to Follow - Groover's Paradise

Starry Eyed & Laughing - Going Down & Lady Came from the South - The Rising Storm - Byrdsian

The Flips - I Just Don't Know Where I Stand - Raven Sings the Blues

Division - Regrets - CYSTSFTS

Satin Gum - Hip Shake Heartbreak - Milk Milk Lemonade

Girls in the Eighties - Awake but Not Aware - Gimme Tinnitus

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Magnapop Make Me Pop Bigtime

I previously told the exhilarating story of my first listen to these noble Athenians, so shan't repeat it. (You're welcome [to click the link, if you please].) Chase Park snuck under my radar, so I was thrilled to find mention at the excellent blog, Underneathica. (jonder and I might not share identical musical tastes, but his is piquant, and he writes well, unlike. . . Yoo Gno Hoo.) I followed links to the Magnapop bandsite,where I found nine (9) free and legals, including the two (2) above and the one (1) below. I don't know how many glorious times I've listened to the following number, but each and every time I discover new receptors for dopamine gush. Incredible song. Incredible band.

Monday, August 02, 2010

(We Love The) Natural Extension Concept, and It Doesn't at All Depend on What the Meaning of "Is" Is

The N.E.C. - Those (Guilty Pleasures) mp3

The Atlanta psych outfit's recent LP


on Double Phantom Records.

As you know (or maybe don't, it pstill holds), we're quite willing psuckers for the kind of psuccor this excellent pstuff affords our needy psyches. Many thanks to Jessi at Banter Media for psending it our way. And pspeaking of "way," BTW, we were once planning to write a psong called "(Too Many Psongs) Have Parenthesized Titles" but have now changed our minds.

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