Friday, May 27, 2016

Wesley Fuller's Forthcoming Fivepopper + Hurricane Fighter Plane

Early this morning (5:43 A.M., for you exactophiles), we were notified that Melbourne glamodpsychpopper Wesley Fuller is set to release his five-song EP, Melvista, via 1965 Records this coming July 8. Thanks to the ever-active Nathan Ford, we were able to share the title song with you approximately . . . no, holy shite, EXACTLY ONE YEAR AGO TODAY!!! Karma? Kismet? All-around good klean living? Yeah, probably.

Anyway, if you missed it, you can go back to that previous post or you can listen and download it via the triple j unearthed widget below. This is only our second post to incorporate triple j widgetry, so if you missed those fab songs by Adelaide band The Arch Menaces, click here to unearth 'em.

Click here to download.

We also posted another fab Wesley Fuller song courtesy of The Active Listener's superb covers comp, Nuggets 2 Revisited, viz.:

You've probably been asking yourself, "pp, just who was it notified you at 5:43 A.M. today?" Well, it was Alix Weymouth of Wasted Youth PR. And Alix didn't just stop at notifying us, oh, no, far from. He also let us hear the following cut off the forthcoming Wesley Fuller EP, Melvista.

So thank you, Alix, for everything! You are our new best friend who doesn't actually know us and, if you play your cards right, probably never will.

Finally - and we do hope this post hasn't gone on too long - we want to post some fabulous tuneage from the aforementioned Wesley Fuller's previous band, the poetically named Hurricane Fighter Plane. We got on a little HFP kick probably about a year ago or so today, and bought everything we could, which unfortunately wasn't very much quantitatively but thrilled us deeply qualitatively. So here's what we found and bought:

We don't usually "dig" videos all that much, but Wesley and the  "Plane" made some we do deeply "dig." So here are a few of them. (Update: Thanks to the prompting of longtime visitor J. B. Goode, we found free and legal downloadables for "Aftermath" and "Tell No Lies." See below and/or click the songtitles.)

"Aftermath" is downloadable here at the late band's blog.

"Tell No Lies" is also downloadable at the aforementioned bandblog.

Oh, and (blushing), almost forgot: here's the video for "Melvista."

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Egyptian Blue Share The Rot

Man/Woman/Whatever, we love those Erik Blood songs so much we haven't wanted to obtrude another post that drives them down the page! (Anyway, that's our excuse and we're sticking with it (for now, at least.)))) But blogging being what it is, we must move on. And happily we do sow (further seed)

We found these Colchester lads at Cotswoldsblog The Mad Mackerel and are frightfully glad we did. If you like the poppsycher below, go to SoundCloud for more downloadable action.

Did we say "Colchester"? Wow, we've been there, got friends there . . . Hi, Mo, Nigel, Pat!

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Touched by Blood

By following a link to his latest LP, we lucked onto a name-your-price offering of Seattlite Erik Blood's Touch Screens, one of our favorite purchases of 2012. Highlighted below are but a couple of our favorites from TS, plus several others we found at his Bandcamp site.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Streamers: Mind Meld, J. Robbins, Abjects, TV Crime, Tommy And The Rockets, The Lees Of Memory

Abjects bid New Mexico adieu.

We're not saying these haven't dropped, oh, no, no no. They just won't drop via Songdrop (and it's not necessarily the 'drop's fault).

Monday, May 02, 2016

Music of the Sphere: Lambrettas, Sunflower Bean, I Was a King, Gentleman Jesse And His Men, Telekinesis, An Horse, Kaiser Chiefs, Love is All, Cruiserweight, Glasvegas, Longwave, Metric, Spoon, Blink-182

This was going to be a simple followup to yesterday's Austin Town Hall archives post (and basically still is), but we thought we'd include a couple of recent finds as well, while we're at it. Hope that's okay with youse.

The Lambrettas - Living For Today & Da-a-a-ance - Still in Rock

Sunflower Bean - I Was Home - KEXP Blog (pic)

From ATH Way Back When:

I Was a King - Norman Bleik - Austin Town Hall
Gentleman Jesse And His Men - I Don't Wanna Know - Austin Town Hall
Telekinesis - Coast of Carolina - Austin Town Hall
An Horse - Camp Out - Austin Town Hall

Kaiser Chiefs - Never Miss a Beat - Austin Town Hall
Love is All - Wishing Well - Austin Town Hall
Cruiserweight - Balboa - Austin Town Hall
Glasvegas - Geraldine - Austin Town Hall

Longwave - Sirens in the Deep - Austin Town Hall
Metric - Help I'm Alive - Austin Town Hall
Spoon - Everything Hits at Once - Austin Town Hall
Blink-182 - Aliens Exist - Austin Town Hall

We checked and found that our mp3 link to that fabulous IWaK debut is still working, but what the heck, ATH deserved your custom. You might enjoy the live video we posted there, so let's post it here as well. Great performance, plus you get to practice your Norwegian.

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Found at ATH: Pontiffs of Puff, aka "The Smoking Popes"

On a whim we betook ourselves to the very first post at Austin Town Hall, one of our favorite music blogs, and began to work our way from past toward present. We actually had time to make it through only the first year of ATH's existence but along the way encountered a number of pleasure-giving aural opportunities to which we wish to alert you. In a separate post we will publish the rest of what we've found so far but wanted to lead with our very favorite song by Windy City faveband The Smoking Popes. Sample it below and if you like, click this ATH link for enhanced activity. Buy some here and here.

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