Sunday, March 31, 2013

Wild Smiles Induce Wild Smiles


As we basked this morning in the sweaty afterglow of . . . a walk, the last song we grooved on before heading inside for drying and combing was "Tangled Hair," by Hampshire band Wild Smiles. And, rest assured, madly did we beam.

We had sent you to Austin Town Hall for it last October but wanted to see if we might post a downloadable here at our little cosa blogstra. We can't but we can post "Get Off My Back" for downloading, let you hear again - or perhaps for the first time - the aforementioned "Tangled Hair," and thank again the wonderful people at One For The People for their excellent celebratory compilation. (You might remember we found there a sweet one by London's Honeyslide back in January.) BTW, "Tangled Hair" is still downloadable at ATH. This post is kind of tangled, too, but whatever.

The Kumari Chime In

The Southampton band's name didn't immediately grab us, but their neo-Byrdsianfolkpsychchime certainly did. Our three favorites from their strong, self-titled EP are downloadable below, and the rest are available at Bandcamp. Facebook 'em here. Many thanks to The Sound Of Confusion for the headsup.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Back with The Happies

We were just now on a matutinal stroll down Memory Lane and found ourselves in an uncharacteristically mood mellow: Glasvegas, The Radio Dept., Oliver North Boy Choir, Kind of Girl, Levy, Hot Silk Pockets, The Happies, .  .  . The Happies! Hmmm, we happily posted them back in our blog's early days, but the links went poof long ago. Surely they're no longer available. . .

BTW, clicking on all those bandnames up there will get you varied and, we hope, pleasant responses. And another BTW: The Happies are from Salt Lake City. We certainly don't feel as strongly about that as do The Dwarves, but we do love their song about it.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Manic Pop!pers: The Delaplains, Males, The Death Of Pop

We are awfully glad to be on the mailing list of faveblog The Finest Kiss. Today TFK put us in touch with some primo pop from new Minnesota label, Manic Pop! Records. We had heard and indeed previously posted on some of the bands but also found some groups new to us. After listening to the Soundcloud streams at TFK, we decided to see if any of the groups had pages at Bandcamp.

Well, unless your eyes deceive you, a quick glance a few inches down the page gives the answer. We spent several happy hours checking them out and have posted some of our favorites. If you like what you hear, follow the links and see the rich lode we left behind. As usual at Bandcamp, sometimes the songs are individually downloadable and sometimes you "have to" download the entire album. For the two below that say "Buy," click through and you will find the entire EP available as a name-your-price download.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Dollyrots x 2

It's never too early/too late/the right time to gear up for Valentine's Day, so here's an 11-month-headsup/month-late-reminder/just-plain-good-song with which to prepare/catch up/celebrate. Go to Bandcamp and to our earlier post (where we made 'rots-based obeisance) for more.

And here's a cover for all you freaks and geeks.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Music of the Sphere: Big Deal, Suzannes, Veronica Falls, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Highasakite, Tame Impala, Wild Nothings, Resonars, Broncho, Capsula, DIIV, Ghost Wave, Meat Market, Mikal Cronin, Orwells

We humbly thank the blogging entities for seeing fit to post the following. Incidentally, we haven't written much about Mikal Cronin, but we've been spending our hard-earned on a bunch of his music and enjoying it hugely. Also, by no means should you overlook that Capsula song way down the list. Of course we love 'em all, else they wouldn't be here.

Big Deal - In Your Car - Side One Track One

Suzannes - Hippie - Killed By Death Records

Veronica Falls - Come On Over & Found Love In A Graveyard - Chromewaves

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Swim and Sleep (Like A Shark) - Aquarium Drunkard

Highasakite - Son of a Bitch - Indie Rock Cafe

Tame Impala - Feels Like We Only Go Backwards - AWMusic

Wild Nothings - Midnight Song - AWMusic

The first two of the following come from separate posts. The next six are all in a third, very long post, so scrolling and maybe Ctrl-F or Command-F searching will be useful.

The Resonars - I Didn't Feel So Cold Then - Rollo & Grady
Broncho - Record Store - Rollo & Grady
Capsula - Girl! Whip Up The Sound - Rollo & Grady
DIIV - Doused - Rollo & Grady
Ghost Wave - Sunsetter - Rollo & Grady
Meat Market - TNT - Rollo & Grady
Mikal Cronin - You Gotta Have Someone (Demo) - Rollo & Grady
The Orwells - Southern Comfort (Rollo & Grady Session) - Rollo & Grady

But What Does He/She Cop?

 Or do they mean former fuzz?
Almost a year ago we lovingly sent your ears for fixin' at Gimme Tinnitus and would like to push the following Ex Cops number at you for another hit . (We just found it today. Sorry for the delay.) BTW, "Broken Chinese Chairz" is still dlable at GT.

Download here.

Tuff Love - Screaming Skull

Some of you purists will go "uh oh" when you see both the bandname and the songname, not to mention the picture.*** Fear not, as this is one of Their Majesties' poppier, less quirky-voiced numbers. Sample via the Soundcloud Sub Pop widget and if you like, download it for free via the other Sub Pop widget. And here's some more.


***Did we include enough copies of the picture? Hope not.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

SoundCloud 9: Blank Tapes, Plateaus, IAMDYNAMITE, Colleen Green, White Mystery, Prissy Clerks, Destroy This Place, Palma Violets, Sad Baby Wolf

We began the week with widgeted ditties courtesy of Bandcamp. To forfend jealousy from SoundCloud, we post the following loved ones. (These widget sites can wax pretty green, or so we've read/heard/fabricated.) Our Testing Lab reports that that first widget, of The Blank Tapes, doesn't show "Download," at least not yet. If you want the load, click here. Likewise with the Colleen Green song, so click here to dl. (As you may have noticed, it is generally Powerpopulistpolicy to post songs you can dl. We've considered tweaking, but not yet.)

Download here.

Download here.

Hi, just breaking up the massed widgets a bit. Now, back to it.

Download here.

Download here.

Download here.

Download here.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Better Than Never: The Sunshine Factory, The Red Plastic Buddha, Lame Drivers, Bed Rugs, Hidden Pictures

We hate it when bloggers pull that "we've been so busy of late that we simply haven't had time to post" schtick. But we've been so busy of late that we simply haven't had time to post schtick. So we'll simply lay down these tracks and let you evaluate. All of them are freely available, even the ones that say "buy" and/or "share."***

***Sometimes you "have to" download the whole LP on a "name-your-price" basis, a small price to pay indeed. Guess that's all for now. We've got plenty more and hope not to be too busy sooner or later.

Well, guess what: we've been enjoying "Twisted And Clover" so much of late, we're just gonna go cuckoo and post it again. That's right, born to be wild.

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