Saturday, September 30, 2017

Comp of Comps: Prince Rupert's Drops, Heaters, The Entrance Band, The Underground Youth, Daydream Machine, The Stevenson Ranch Davidians, The Wagner Logic, Le Plaisir, Just Everywhere, The Tamborines, Buffalo Postcard, Workhorse

Here is a compilation of favorite songs found on various recent compilations. All are available for name-your-price download, for which we heartily thank the compilers.

This Psych Coaster/TPUG comp is downloadable here.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Faves of the Faves - August & July 2017: Partner, Derrick Anderson, Propeller, Frankie and the Witch Fingers, Shake Some Action, Alvvays, Beaches, Rainer Maria, The Orielles, The Stevens, Cliff Hillis, The Tazers, Invaderband, The Singles, we.the.pigs, The Beginner's Mynd, etc., etc., etc.

As previously noted, we've been keeping monthly playlists of songs we like as we find them and then curating out (or in) our very favorites each month. Below are playlists of what we most liked in August and July of this year. If you want to see the entire playlists for the two months, click the following: August 2017 and July 2017.

We'll point out again that while most of the songs are new-to-newish, the lists are based on the month in which we first heard the songs and not necessarily when the songs were first released. No biggie, but we thought you cutting edgers might want to know this before you go bragging to all your in-the-know buds.

We hope you find some songs you like. If you do, click the logo at the end of each song's line for purchase and/or further exploration. As occasionally happens with our beloved Playmoss, sometimes artists don't get identified, so we're taking care of that below each widget. The songs in each playlist are listed in the order in which we found them, from beginning to end of the month.

#5 - Frankie and the Witch Fingers - Learnings Of The Light
#14 - Free Machines - White Cream
#15 - KARMS - We Always Lose

#4 - The Orielles - I Only Bought It For The Bottle
#5 - Umm - I'm In Love
#7 - Cliff Hillis - Hey Pretty Face
#9 - The Walker Brigade - Voodoo Doll
#21 - The Singles - Voodoo

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