Thursday, November 26, 2015

Sømething from Nøthing: Maria False & Venera 4 (plus more)

If you're not already feeling woozy, this next one from Rennes should help get you there.

We've been grooving on Parisband Venera 4 for maybe a year or so, but here at the blog have mainly been doing it in the Songdrop widget. So thrilled we are to post the following. It's yet more great work by our Lastbuddy Alexandre over at Requiem Pour Un Twister.

From The Jabberwocky Band

Photo by Emmel Création

Let us gyre and gimble to the frabjous driving psychpop of this Paris/Rouen band.

We also love "Freaks Machine." It's less poppy, should you need that.

Coaches - Elizabeth Warren

We don't understand the finger-over-the-lips thing, but we much enjoy Boston band Coaches' song about one of our favorite populists. She's powerful, too. Happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Shadow Folk - "Dexter" & "Billy"

The two below are our favorites from a split EP featuring Halifax chimers/charmers, Shadow Folk. Thanks to The Active Listener for the headsup on this event, not to mention that earlier one, all of whose plentiful pleasures are still available for free download.

Eating Up coop (Or c.o.o.p.)

They might be c.o.o.p. and they might be coop. Either way, we're finding this L.A. (or LA) trio quite appetizing. Facebook here, Bandcamp here. Thanks to The Revue for the tip. Here is their website.

The Way of Grace - The World Is A Lie

Graceful indeed are these Parisians/Casablancans and gracious is TBTCI for getting it into our heads and grateful are we for all of the above (not to mention a wee bit faux grandiloquent, and, seemingly, unable to put the quietus to this ungainly yet heart-felt sentence). There. And here.

We're loving this, too, as you might have noticed above.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Electrets Plug It In & Turn Us On

Tiff, Steph, Hannah, and Andrea turn on the electretsity (and us) with these songs discovered via The Revue. More high-charge, downloadable numbers by the L.A. band are rolled and rockin' at SoundCloud.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Free Code from Dot Dash

We've been posting on D. C. poppers Dot Dash for several years now and got pretty danged excited when they told us they'd posted another freebie from their excellent LP, Earthquakes & Title Waves, dropped in March of this year.
 - .... .- -. -.- ... --..--  --. ..- -.-- ... .-.-.-  
(Copy and paste here.)

Click here for the free download.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Strawberry Wine - Taste Me

Not sure what parta Jakarta they're from but we find Strawberry Wine quite tasty, TYVMI. Thanks to TBTCI for the headsup and excellent interview.

From Oz via Beko: Blush Response, Mallee Songs, Good Try, & 13 More

Beko is a French label specializing in Australian bands. That almost leaves us speechless, except to say here are our favorites from a recent comp called oz do it better vol2.

Click here to access our previous posts on Adelaiders Blush Response, both of which are chock-full of free and legal downloadables. Visit them at Facebook.



plant cell - marguerite

Not sure who "marguerite" is, but this glorious gazejangler by Chiba band plant cell is almost unbearably beautiful. You'll find many more downloadables at their SoundCloud page. Face off with them here.

Many thanks to Psychgazer for the headsup. Pgazer's latest playlist (.94/November) is almost unbelievably excellent, but believable nevertheless because we always find tons of terrific tuneage there.

Update, 12march16: The download link has been removed at SoundCloud, but we found the wonderful song on a Kiiro Records Shoegaze3 compilation, which directed us to the comp's free download page

Monday, November 16, 2015

Courtesy of KEXP: The Foetals - Malted

You can kind of tell they're from England (Manchester, to be precise) by the spelling of the bandname. We say "they," even though the band is the project of Jolan Lewis of The Pink Teens (formerly a faveband of ours monikered Temple Songs).Their debut LP, Meet The Foetals is due to drop December 4 on PNKSLM Recordings. KEXP Blog served up the tasty "Malted" as today's Song of the Day and has it available for free download, for which, many thanks.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Ding Ding!: Very Most Favoritests from the Ice Cream Man Comp: R.A.F., Marauders, Jasko, Tommy Sistak, The Running Jumps, Phenomenal Cat, Jennifer


Sometimes we just have to bite the bullet, swallow it, and admit the obvious: we're cockups. As soon as we found the colossal name-your-price compilation by the fabulous, absolutely essential Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More back on July 31, we were on it, sampling all 109 songs, notifying friends hither and yon, downloading the incredible thing, and popping our ears off.

Unfortunately we didn't follow through with a post. Fortunately most of the other popperblogs did, so we're pretty sure you've already got it. Nevertheless, we're posting it, along with our sincere apologies and promises, sure to be broken, not to screw up again.

Of course part of the problem was how to account for such a rich embarrassment of tuneage. No small problem indeed, so we're just going to post our seven very most favoritest songs and note the rest. It's so great feeling inadequate.


And here are the other songs we especially loved (some of which we've previously posted and decided not to again, due to the previously noted embarrassments of riches and cockuposity.): 4, 6, 7, 10, 11, 15, 18, 23, 26, 35, 40, 42, 43, 44, 50, 53, 56, 57, 64, 65, 71, 74, 79, 81, 83, 85, 86, 87, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 95, 96, 97, 101, 102, 103, 104, 106, & 108.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

For Psychos Only: The Screaming Mad, Unchayned, Bang, The Gear, Murmurs Of Irma

Or maybe we should say psychERS??? WhatEVs. We were poking around at Bandcamp buddy Herbet Johnson's ColLECtion and found some very pleasing psychpop courtesy of Dig The Fuzz Records. Not sure how this will go down generally among the Powerpopulist "crowd," but we've got at least a few speCIFic musical friends up whose alleys this should be right.

We might add that we were also very much enamored of #s 1, 3, & 9. #1 begins with some slightly disturbing sounds, so please don't give up. It kicks into a nice little groove at about 00:34 and gets even better around 00:53-54 (kind of right in between 53 & 54; our measuring device doesn't get quite as specific as you would perhaps prefer.)

Sunday, November 08, 2015

TAL Roundup: The Butterscotch Cathedral, The Torn Circus, Walter Ghoul's Lavender Brigade, Mystic Brew, plus Beaucoup Más

The excellent The Active Listener's been pumping it out at a furious rate of late, but it's not making us furious. Oh, no, not at all, far from it. The following are from the latest TAL Sampler (#37, by number), plus other items condignly commended by N. Ford and Co.

We could have posted 9 more Samplerwidgets below those two, but don't want to splash more cyber than necessary. Let us, then, simply recommend your closer attention to the songs by The Hanging Stars (#3), The Magnetic Mind (#4), Heaters (#6), Flavor Crystals (#8), Coke Weed (#9), Madame De C*** (#10), Shinkiro (#11), The Sunchymes (#18), and Midday Veil (#19).

By your sweet leaf, though, we are going to splash two more widgies, one from Louisiana and one from Russia. Read all about 'em in this TAL post. That post also praises The Age, whom we also love and posted here.

We also especially like #6. Read the TAL post here.

Yes, we posted the same The Butterscotch Cathedral song two posts in a row. We love The Butterscotch Cathedral.

Friday, November 06, 2015

Trouble In Mind Reduces trouble in mind via Dick Diver, The Butterscotch Cathedral, Ultimate Painting, Salad Boys, The Resonars, & Much, Much More

So how do we feel when we find a song we paid for now available for free download? Spectacular, that's how. Which is why we're darned giddy upon receiving word from Trouble In Mind Records of their just released Sampler, repeatedly widgeted below.

And the tune in question? That excelente down there by Melbourne band Dick Diver. (You might have seen it in our recent pppurcha$e$ post.) We're also more than excited to post the ditty by Tucson-based The Butterscotch Cathedral, a side project of Matt Rendon of longtime faveband The Resonars. You've seen TBC several times in our Songdrop widget and indeed highlighted this very week in a Music of the Sphere post. We're also quite chuffed over songs by Londoners Ultimate Painting and Kiwis Salad Boys.

Oh, wow, UP were hanging with White Fence. (Hanging, get it? Yep yep.)

Click here for previously posted free and legals by The Resonars and hear below the widgeted newbie, The Resonars On Tour. Well worth 50 cents a pop.

pppurcha$e$ - Third Quarter 2015

Only a month late and feeling pretty jaunty about it. These are the powerpop, indiepop, shoegaze, psych, etc., songs we purchased during the months of July, August, and September of the current calendar year. We're darned pleased with what we bought, so maybe you'll get some ideas for buys of your own.

to see the list.

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Music of the Sphere: Butterscotch Cathedral, Murals, Nazz, Wavves, Dictators, Coke Weed, Presents For Sally, Houston In The Blind, Seapony, Cold Beat, Savages

Many thanks to the individuals (or collectives) who've made the following available. Click on just about any of the words below to go to the downloadables.

The Butterscotch Cathedral - Waterfall Parasol/Crocodile & Why Do You Hate Everything I Love - Still in Rock - Resonar resonates.
Murals - Violent City Lantern - Still in Rock
Nazz - Open My Eyes - Still in Rock - plus 2 more
Wavves - All the Same & Wait - Still in Rock
The Dictators - California Sun & (I Live For) Cars & Girls - Still in Rock - Saw 'em on the Manifest Destiny tour. They still had it, and then some.

Coke Weed - New Jive - Magnet Magazine Blog
Presents For Sally - Wishawaytoday - Magnet Magazine Blog
Houston In The Blind - All My Love - Magnet Magazine Blog

Seapony - A Place We Can Go - KEXP Blog
Cold Beat - Am I Dust - KEXP Blog

Savages - The Answer - Side One Track One

Soundcloudownloadables: The Well Wishers, Dignan Porch, Tiger Waves, Wimps and Machos, Summer Fiction, Party Lights

Sorry we've gotten a "little behind" in posting. (Pants fit better, though.) Here are some recent, fairly recent, and downright ancient downloadables we've been much enjoying.

Many thanks to Jeff Shelton of long-time faveband The Well Wishers for making this available, as well as this excellent ABBA cover:
Free & legals still available 

Some previously posteds by this much-beloved band are still available 

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