Thursday, November 12, 2015

For Psychos Only: The Screaming Mad, Unchayned, Bang, The Gear, Murmurs Of Irma

Or maybe we should say psychERS??? WhatEVs. We were poking around at Bandcamp buddy Herbet Johnson's ColLECtion and found some very pleasing psychpop courtesy of Dig The Fuzz Records. Not sure how this will go down generally among the Powerpopulist "crowd," but we've got at least a few speCIFic musical friends up whose alleys this should be right.

We might add that we were also very much enamored of #s 1, 3, & 9. #1 begins with some slightly disturbing sounds, so please don't give up. It kicks into a nice little groove at about 00:34 and gets even better around 00:53-54 (kind of right in between 53 & 54; our measuring device doesn't get quite as specific as you would perhaps prefer.)

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