Friday, November 28, 2008

Parlez Vous French?

I was happily browsing at the indispensable Wilfully Obscure tonight when--voila!--my next three hours suddenly took a turn for the even better. Mon host, spavid, turned me on to terrific New York indiepoppers French, first grabbing eyeballs with an excellent summary, ears with two downloadable EPs, and the rest of me with full-body exploration of the goldmine of mp3s at French's generous website. So get your derrières over there as soon as, as. . .oh, yeh, well, you might want to give a little listen to the songs I've posted first. If not, that's cool, really. I'll never know anyway, non? (Click on the song titles to play the songs I've posted and the yellow lp titles to find more tuneage. There are still 60+ songs awaiting your perusal at the WO and French sites. Tip of the iceberg indeed.)

The Band, The Album
We Hate MTV mp3- an easy target, sure, but they hit the bullseye in every way

Fully Vetted - John McCain's favorite French lp. . .
Rash mp3 - . . .and his favorite song.

Off the French singles page:
Deli Girl mp3
Courtney Killed Kurt mp3 - We saw the movie, too, but take no position. It's a song, oui?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Eve: Bubblegum Lemonade, Mood, Mystery Tramps, Rudely Interrupted, Orion Experience, Youth Group

Twas the night before T-give
And all through the house
Not much was going on
Because this is a rather low-key holiday over here,
And I like it all the more for that.
We still need music, though,
Would you agree?
Speaking of thanks,
Please accept mine for visiting.

Bubblegum Lemonade - from the Glaswegian's' excellent debut LP, Doubleplusgood--Welcome to the jangle.
Penny Fountain mp3
And here are two previously posted fine ones:
Susan's in the Sky mp3

The Mood - - from the NYers' excellent six-song EP Synaesthesia--I have been criminally negligent in not posting these songs earlier. Please forgive and/or cuff me. Either way (or both), thanks.
Eskimo Scientist mp3 - Update: This was mislabelled as "Influential You" when the promotion company originally sent it to me. Their (then my) mistake, but it's on my back the knout will gnaw. My apologies to you.

Hard to Resist mp3
Actors mp3

Rudely Interrupted - from Melbourneans' Don't Break My Heart EP
Green Lights mp3

Nice Guys Finished Last mp3 - You play your cards right and I'll repost the excellent:
Sugar mp3 - (Well-played, btw.)

Youth Group - from Sydneyites' Casino Twilight Dogs
Dead Zoo mp3 - And, yes, you got it, a previously posted excelente:
Sorry mp3

Thursday, November 20, 2008

For Thor: Raveonettes, High Llamas, Lucksmiths, Gramercy Arms, Would-Be-Goods, Champagne Riot, Colin Clary, Hari and Aino, et. al. . . .

Alms for Arms?
Thanks for visiting.

The High Llamas - Snow White mp3 - I frankly don't know where I came across this, but that doesn't stop me from loving it. Click band name for info and more.
Gramercy Arms - excellent powerpop from New York "supergroup" featuring current and former members of Guided by Voices, Luna, Joan as Police Woman, Dead Air, and The Damnbuilders; self-titled lp released online yesterday and slated for release by U.S. retailers on 3 Mar. 09
Automatic .zip -
Looking at the Sun (featuring Sarah Silverman) .zip

Although I eventually came across most of the following at various sites, I want to thank faveblogs Coast is Clear, Eardrums, and Indie-MP3 for initial headsups.

Would-Be-Goods - Sad Stories mp3 - from Eventyr - Eardrums has one more by Would-Be-Goods.
Jeremy - Silly Love Songs mp3 - free download single released 15 Sept.
The Lucksmiths - Up with the Sun mp3 - Coast is Clear has one more. And maybe you'd like to hear:
Colin Clary and the Magogs - The Shape of this Town mp3 from Her Life of Crime

Hari and Aino - A Considerate Kind of Home mp3 - from Cloudberry Records - We're still very much enjoying this previously posted song by H and A:
Second Song mp3
The Raveonettes - Black/White mp3 - Still revelling in:
Dead Sound mp3

Click song titles to play.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Batty over Minisnap

Minisnap are a side project of beloved Kiwis The Bats featuring the songs of Kaye Woodward accompanied by fellow Bats Paul Kean and Malcolm Grant along with Marcus Winstanley of The Undercurrents. The two songs below are from the Cloudberry single, "Whistler," and the excellent lp, Bounce Around, released 12 Aug. 2008 by Magic Marker Records and available at eMusic (clicky clicky).

Monday, November 17, 2008

Newman's New One

No guilty pleasure, this.
I'm sure many of our ilk get a bit stirred by any signs of impending New Pornographers-related activity. So consider me, ahem, aroused by the advent of Get Guilty, the forthcoming lp by head NP A.C. Newman, slated for release by Matador on 20 January 2009. Here's a freebie from the newbie, plus a couple from The Slow Wonder, his 2004 solo debut, and a trio by his super supergroup.

A.C. Newman - There Are Maybe Ten Or Twelve mp3 - from Get Guilty
The Slow Wonder
Miracle Drug mp3
Drink To Me Babe, Then mp3

The New Pornographers
Graceland mp3
My Rights Versus Yours mp3
Myriad Harbour mp3

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Crowded Sat.: The Phantom Band, Ideal Free Distribution, Starkeys, Hot Lava, Rescues, Love Is All, Lukestar, Layaways

Oh, hallefreakinlujah, it's a crowded Saturday, so I don't have to come up with excuses for not wri-. . .

The Phantom Band - Folk Song Oblivion mp3 - Glaswegian goodness from Checkmate Savage, due for 27 Jan. 09 release on local label Chemikal Underground
Ideal Free Distribution - William Buss mp3 - from Then We Were Older

Starkeys - Shift Drink mp3 - from Dilmun EP, out 25 Nov.
Hot Lava - Mummy Beach mp3 - from Lavalogy, released in October - Thanks to Mark Lipsitz at Bar None.

Ready to relax? Fuhgeddaboutit.
Love Is All - Wishing Well mp3 -from A Hundred Things Keep Me Up at Night, released on 11 Nov. - Yummy Gothenburgers! Thanks to Pitchfork.
The Rescues - Break Me Out - from LA band's debut album Crazy Ever, which broke 4 Nov.
The Postmarks - 11:59 (Blondie cover) mp3 - from their 12-tune cover LP, By-The-Numbers, released 11 Nov.

Lukestar - two songs from Norgwegian band's Lake Toba, coming out on Flameshovel - Thanks to Brooke Black at Big Hassle Media.
The Shade You Hide mp3
White Shade mp3 - We especially love the chorus. Just try not to smile. Cool vid here.

The Layaways - Keep It to Yourself mp3 - from The Space Between, released this past Tuesday - You will find a bunch more free downloads at the Layaways' website. Naturally we're still enjoying these from an earlier post:
Let Me In mp3

Click song titles to hear songs, green artist names for more. And have yourselves a groovy little weekend, mkay?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Humpday Howdy: Future Clouds, Cotton Mather, Tall Dwarfs, Marching Band, Pallers, Parties, Two Hours, Miss D, Sad Day, Death Cab, et. al.

Hello, Mr. Harrison.
Recently somebody made fun of somebody for using the word "Humpday." Some people can be so very cruel. Sigh.

Future Clouds and Radar - The Epcot View mp3 - from Peoria, released 4 Nov. - headed by Robert Harrison, formerly of Cotton Mather - Speaking of which, here are a couple of Mathers we previously posted and love.
Cotton Mather - Lost My Motto (Millenium Chrome Version) mp3 - from Hotel Baltimore
Last of the Mohicans mp3 - from The Big Picture, as is the next one
40 Watt Solution mp3

Tall Dwarfs - Meet the Beatle mp3 - Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, wrong Harrison. . .and yet so very, very right.

Marching Band - from this year's Spark Large
For Your Love mp3 - Love that shift at exactly 1:00 (Declarative, not imperative.)
Pallers - Humdrum mp3 - Thanks to Christian Liljas at Labrador Records.

Femmes Vitales
Miss Derringer - Black Tears mp3
Sad Day For Puppets - Little Light mp3 - More Scandi fun. . .

The Parties - Yours and Mine mp3 - San Franciscans chime it nicely, too.

Endgame (No, FR, not that kind! :-) )
Made In China - How Everything Works mp3 - These Bridgewater, New Jerseyites' debut LP Sonic Blog V.1 is due out on 18 Nov. on Recordburger Records. - Thanks to AOL's
Death Cab For Cutie - 405 (acoustic) mp3

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Music of the Sphere: Apples, M. Sweet, Telepathic B's, Hooray FE, King Tuff, No Age, Broadfield M's, Nirvana, Maritime, Gladshot, Ninja G, et. al.

Happy Sun Day. Many thanks, hostfolk.

King Tuff - Connection & Sun Medallion - CYSTSFTS - strange, yes, but strangely satisfying

November Nightwalk

Oh, what a neato night of pavement pounding! Here, in precise order, is the crème de la crème of tonight’s just-completed nocturnal mission, randomly chosen for us by my thoughtful little pod. Clicking the LABELS doodads down dere just might turn up more tuneage by acts you like.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Music of the Sphere: Brave New World/Friend/Citrus Edition

I don't know if this one will seem different, although I sense I'm about to blab my flippin' fingies off. This is my first post from my front porch. Crisp Fall day, leaves like snowflakes, mellow fruitfulness, etc. Yeh, that's right, freakin' Keats here. Anyway, the world of blog seems to be changing before my eyes as well. Got intimations of it last week or so at a PLAGUE of ANGELS and a caveat at Bag of Songs on Saturday. (Contrary to appearances, I do count myself among the ranks of music bloggers and therefore have a vested interest in this.) In sum, the record industry is pressuring Blogger to yank posts with unauthorized tuneage, and Blogger's doing the deed. That doesn't really affect me that much because I made it a point from the start to post pretty much exclusively authorized material. I assumed/pretended most bloggers were operating under the same strictures, but apparently not. So these Music of the Sphere posts might start changing as the favorite blogs begin buckling or even going under. But for now, behold some valuable availables.

Here's a new friend (doesn't know me, etc.) I acquired via the comments at alt-gramma's post on Blogger's yanking of her chain/posts. Mojophenia (who also got wanked) works out of Essex (you know, England--Ah! Layer de la Haye, shall I ever forget thee?) and is a cornucopia of great stuff, much of which is new and pleasing to me. Hope it gets your mojo working, too. Taking the lemons of bad news and making squash, I spent a bit of Sunday afternoon going through his posts back to April 08 and particularly like the following. Needless to say, I left a lot behind, so go there and dig yourself (or his music, or both). Thanks, Mojo (if I may be so familiar)!

The Chords - Something's Missing - Mojophenia
Squires - My Mind Goes Round In Circles - Mojophenia
Purple Hearts - Jimmy - Mojophenia
The Quads - There Must Be Thousands - Mojophenia

Underground Heroes - Skinnie Twins - Mojophenia

The Plastic Pals - She's Going Back - Mojophenia

The Parents - Scientific Proof Of The Soul - Mojophenia
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