Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rainbow Quartz's Forthcoming Gems

The June - Barber Shop mp3 - from 2009's Magic Circles - fantastic LP; I bought most of the songs on it at eMusic - See also Amazon mp3.

The Sails - See Myself mp3 - from 2006's The Sails - You must, must, do you hear me, tack over to eMusic or Amazon mp3 and purchase "Peter Shilton" NOW. (Well, anyway, we like it.)

The Parties - Cryin' Shame mp3 - from 2009's Cryin' Shame EP - Amazon mp3 - eMusic

The High Dials - The Holy Ground mp3 - from 2007's The Holy Ground - Amazon mp3 - eMusic

In that Gurus post earlier in the week we "forgot" to tell you something rather important and exciting. (For after all, one can only absorb so much excitement without discombobulating or making a mess.) We learned of The Gurus' forthcoming effort via a friendly post from the amiable Ms. Kathryn Muselik over at the ever-toothy Shark Party Media. What we "forgot" to tell you is that The Gurus LP is but one of seven (7) LPs to be released by the incomparable chimepsychpowerpoppin' label Rainbow Quartz over the next two months. Yes, be still your heart. What we tried to do in that little sampler above is get you warmed up with some of the artists' earlier efforts. We don't have free & downloadables from their forthcoming LPs but will surely post them should they come into our clickable possession. (Click the LP and EP titles up there to go to their Rainbow Quartz page, where you will find more f&dl's.)

So here's the schedule Shark Media gave us, with clickable pre-purchase links. Amazon seems to be jumping the gun, and sometimes the Shark, so we're just relaying release info as we have it. All should go swimmingly, whatever.

October 5
The Gurus - Closing Circles

November 2
The June - Green Fields and Rain - Amazon mp3 says October 5.

November 16
The Sails - A Headful of Stars - Amazon mp3 says October 19.
The Flower Machine - Lavender Lane - Amazon mp3 says November 2.
The Parties - Coast Garde - Amazon says November 2.

November 30
The High Dials - Anthems for Doomed Youth - Amazon says November 2.
The Volebeats - The Volebeats - Amazon says October 19.

Here is one RQ released last month.

The Capstan Shafts - Heart Your Eat Out mp3 - from Revelation Skirts, released August 24, 2010

And just for gins and griggles (hard g's, please), here are a few of our favorite Rainbow Quartz songs. It was impossible to narrow it down, so go to RQ's Artists Page and plan to spend hours dl'ing.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Gurus Close In

The pulse quickens in anticipation of any new tuneage from Rainbow Quartz in general and this superb Barcelona powerpop trio in particular. The Gurus were among our earliest posts, and you can still find excellent, viable tuneage from RQ here, here, and here and from The Gurus here. Debra and Fil over at Power Pop Review posted an excellent two-part overview of The Gurus here and here; it's well worth checking out. In deference to PPR's planned posts, we held off posting the following two tunes from The Gurus' third LP, Now, so perhaps enough time has elapsed to excuse our doing so now.

The Gurus were also among our earliest purchases at eMusic. We bought a bunch and were especially enamored of their cover of The Kinks' "I Need You," which you can sample here. Speaking of which, here's an excellent cover version by superb Boston powerpoppers The Cavedogs we posted back in early days. (That post has three other hot Cavedogs tunes as well.)

Well, maybe we're starting to ramble, so close we shall.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Deep Sea Arcade Bubble Up from Down Under

"I think our music would be a really good fit with your blog." So said Andy Cassell* of Sydney band Deep Sea Arcade,** and Andy was right. Hopefully you've already listened and will agree with Andy and me. Before we listened, we had a good feeling when Andy told us the band like The Zombies and The Stone Roses. Mmm-hmmm. We're excited to learn DSA plan to release their debut album in 2011. In the meantime, you can get more nice ones by the band here and here.

*Director / A & R at Ivy League Records (and formerly of Youth Group)
**Nic Mckenzie, Nick Weaver, Tim Chamberlain, Simon Relf, and Carlos Adura (See various nicknames at their MySpace page.)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Will Follow (Up) #1: Dutch Elms

Dutch Elms - Cleopatra m4a**

from 2004 release

Music for Happiness

on Jigsaw Records

Update - 11feb16: We just noticed the m4a is no longer available. Here's the Popboomerang widgeted incarnation, though, so you can hear it and buy it cheap.

We'd like to do a couple of followup posts based on posts we posted last week. This is the first one. The second will follow, possibly sometime this year.

We hope you found some nice things to download and buy from the Popboomerang Records compilations we briefly dilated about last week. We certainly did.*** One exciting discovery on Planet of Popboomerang, Vol. 2 was longtime Seattle faves, Dutch Elms. We had posted the marvelous "Cleopatra"**** early in our blog's run and gave it pride of place in our first From the Archives post. Sadly, the original link disappeared. Gladly, inspired by the P-rang comp, we ran a new link to earth at the most excellent Jigsaw Records. (We left "Therefore Talk" there for your listening/downloading pleasure; therefore go there for very much goodness' sake.) You can buy more mp3s at the sites below and read Stewart Mason's interesting review of Music for Happiness here at AllMusic.

**After posting, we find Yahoo Music Player doesn't seem to be able to play the song. You can, however, download it by right-clicking-->Save Target As. Were we not somewhat pacifistpopulists, we would very much like to kick Yahoo Music Player's ass. Update, 10:48 the same day: We bethought us to try YMP on our MacBook, and lo and behold, it worked. So if you want to play the song with YMP, you could go buy a MacBook.

***After more snooping around and around and around and around, we found additional excellent Popboomerang freebies and buyables here and here.

****Okay, look, we really mean it when we say we want to leave you room to decide for yourself whether or not you like a song. But we just have to say that this song thrills us to our core.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Frankie Rose And The Outs - Count Us In!

We loved Brooklynite Frankie Rose's single, Thee Only One, and let you know about it here. Now that she's in with the Outs, we're even more pumped. Thanks to Ma and Pa Slumberland for continuing to shake and wake us with superb ear&eyepoppers! One final note: we're sorry that aesthetic necessity forced us to trim a little bush from the LP pic above. To see the foliage entire, click here.

You may have already clicked on the link to our previous post, but here's the song anyhoo.

Let's Say We Did's Happy Hooker

Update - 15may16:

Let's Say We Did - Straight Back To You mp3

from Straight Back To You EP

released 4 September on

Nesna Records

The demo of this irresistible song came out in 2008 but didn't reach our ears until earlier this year. It was love at first listen, and we sent you straight to it. We're now delighted to find it's been worked up for the Stockholm band's recently released EP and appreciate Nesna's letting us post it until the end of the year. You may have noticed we probably don't emote enough here, but in this case, we can't help but do so. This song wins Hook of the Year hands down. It plays through our minds constantly, even when we aren't hooked up to electronic devices. The staff here at Powerpopulist Central walk around gazyeyed and grinning and singing it to one another. We will now stfu. Except for one more thing: You may have noticed that sometimes in these "blogposts" we like to play around with a band's name. You may have noticed and are bitterly disappointed that this time we didn't, so. . .

P.S.: We will update this post with more purchase info as soon as we have it.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Music of the Sphere: Olivia TC, La's, Moonhearts, Math&Physics, Girlfriends, Like, Cure, Myelin Sheaths, Fresh & O's, Young, Superguidis, et. al. . .

We get no tireder of saying this than we do of finding all the boffo music at their sites: Thanks, bloghosts!

Olivia Tremor Control - Love Athena - Suffering Jukebox

The La's - Timeless Melody - Barely Awake in Frog Pajamas - Hop to it, and pronto. Something tells me it'll soon be gone.

Math and Physics Club - We're So DIY! - Tullycraft Blog

Girlfriends - Good To Be True - The Ampeter Review

The Like - Fair Game & He's Not A Boy & Release Me - RCRD-LBL - You've probably found these elsewhere; if so, we're happy for ya.

Moonhearts - Shine & Can't Find My Way - Covert Curiosity

Harlem - Be Your Baby - Indierock Cafe
Sex Pistols - Holidays In The Sun - Indierock Cafe - Now there's a juxtaposition of tunes.

The Cure - Boys Don't Cry - AWmusic
The Go! Team - Huddle Formation - AWmusic
Tamaryn - Mild Confusion & Sandstone - AWmusic - We posted their excellent "Love Fade" here, but grab it at AW if you prefer; we won't be hurt.

Picnic - Too Fast - Eardrums - Scroll down to Estonia.
Sometimes Always - Porcelains - Eardrums
One Happy Island - Elegant Elephant - Eardrums
Superguidis - Nao Fosse O Bom Humor - Eardrums - Scroll down to Brazil.

Myelin Sheaths - Everything is Contagious - Raven Sings the Blues
Quest for Fire - Strange Vacation & Set Out Alone - Raven Sings the Blues - highly satisfying psych - yeah, we know, "where's the p-pschtick?"
The Fresh & Onlys - Waterfall - Raven Sings the Blues
The Fresh & Onlys - Troubling Vision - Raven Sings the Blues
The Young - Bird in the Bush - Raven Sings the Blues

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Paparazzi Say "Hi"

from March 2010 release,


on Serious Business Records

Cat Power bassist Erik Paparazzi fronts a rockin' outfit his ownself (and has done for seven years). I think it's darned nice that Cat Power is the first of the band's "friends" at MySpace. Many thanks to my li'l pod for reminding me on tonight's nocturnal mission it was time to post this excellent tune.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Popboomerang's Excellent Compilations

Aussie label Popboomerang just let us know they have some excellent free and low-priced downloadable powerpop and janglepop compilations here.

Hmmm, that reminds us of five excellent songs from the 'rang we posted here quite a few moons ago. They're still wonderful and viable and, well, actually, we've just got to go ahead and post two of them again because they ecstaticate us bigtime.

Friday, September 10, 2010

All is Not Lost: The Lovetones, International Jetsetters, the Young Sinclairs, Eternal Summers

Ah, g’day, Joel. You’ve lost your what? Sloooower, mate. No way. Calm down, it’ll turn up, no worries. Of course Matt doesn’t have it. How could you even think such a thing? He doesn’t bloody have it, mkay? When did you last see it? 2006???? And you just now noticed? Crikey.***

The Lovetones - City Meets The Stars mp3

on their fifthcoming LP


due 28 September on

Planting Seeds Records

We're pstoked these Psydney psychpoppers are about to lay further lovetones on a world that needs them pso very, very much. (Are you tired of this "p" pschtick of ours? If pso, psorry.) We previewed Lost over at Amazon mp3, and needless to psay, were entirely glad to have found it.

We previously posted the first of the following tunes from their fourth LP, 2009's Dimensions, and are glad to have found the psecond at the Planting Seeds psite. (We will not mess with a labelname, nosir/ma'amareee!)

While over at Planting Seeds, we were delighted to find the following excellent psong by The Lovetones' podmates, Oxfordians International Jetsetters. We posted it before, but why not again?

Also planted were the following two excellent ditties by a personal favorite band, Roanokeans the Young Sinclairs.

the Young Sinclairs - Girl, I'm For Real mp3 - from We Spoke Our Minds EP, as is the following

the Young Sinclairs - You Can Have Her (alternate version) mp3

And while we're at it, while at Pitchfork recently, we came across a goodun by the Young Sinclairs' bassist Daniel Cundiff's band, Eternal Summers, and thought you might like to lend an ear. It's from their upcoming 28 Pseptember release, Silver, on Kanine Records. Many thanks to the 'fork for the headsup.

***We're not saying that's Matt in the picture. Not at all.
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