Monday, September 20, 2010

Frankie Rose And The Outs - Count Us In!

We loved Brooklynite Frankie Rose's single, Thee Only One, and let you know about it here. Now that she's in with the Outs, we're even more pumped. Thanks to Ma and Pa Slumberland for continuing to shake and wake us with superb ear&eyepoppers! One final note: we're sorry that aesthetic necessity forced us to trim a little bush from the LP pic above. To see the foliage entire, click here.

You may have already clicked on the link to our previous post, but here's the song anyhoo.


Natsthename said...

Oh, I like those very much. Kinda shoe-gaze meets 60's pop!

pplist said...

Dammit, Nat, I wish I could come up with that kind of insight. :D I'm delighted you like them, too.

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