Saturday, October 17, 2015

Party Down Up in Maine

We partied with this/these Portlander(s) back in, oh, early '14, wethinks, and are happy to do so again. Wethanks The Sound of Confusion for the invite, so to say. Hear more here.

Sheffield's Thee Mightees' SMILING at Delicious Clam

Yes, sometimes a postitle just about says it all. If these Delicious Clam Midlands jangleurs don't get you grinning, well . . . maybe something else will. Thanks to newfound Bandcamp buddy Herbet Johnson for the headsup.

Elvyn's Forthcomer

In 2010 Toronto band Elvyn released The Decline, one of our favorite LPs of that particular year. We're therefore excited to hear that the followup, Valley Of The Kilowatt Hour, is due out on November 15 of this particular year (i.e., less than one month hence, duh). The band have kindly released the lead track, "Ellie," for free download, and you can hear one other track in the second widget below. Many thanks to Shake Some Action! for the headsup.

Click here for free download.

And here's our favorite track off the aforementioned The Decline.

From The Jesus and Mary Chain Tribute: The Tamborines, 93 Million Miles From The Sun, Static Daydream, A Marc Train Home

More cause for celebration reerupts with Psychocandy Revisited, the The Jesus and Mary Chain tribute just issued by São Paulo's The Blog That Celebrates Itself. We're posting our favorites below in separate widgies, but all 16 covers can be found in each one. Not to get too anatomicophiloshical about it, but is the bandname's "chain" the holy umbilical cord? That's what we always pictured, and it's probably obvious, but maybe you have an insight?

Static Daydream's cover of "Wear This Dress" is one of our favesongs of the year. It's in the TBTCI Skywave tribute here.

You might want to check out our previous post on this D.C. band.

Are we disappointed our two favorite songs by "The. . .Chain" were omitted from the comp? 
Not necessarily.

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