Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Age - Trafalgar

Bandcamp just* notified us that these Halifax psychpoppers have just* released a pleasing little EP, and we're awfully glad they (notifiers & releasers) did. We particularly like the title cut.

*as in 26aug15, actually

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Paul Kelly Gets Us Happy

Spring is about to fall and so, says Happy, the Aussie festival season is upon us. We doubt we'll be able to make it down, but seeing Paul Kelly was slated to perform reminded us of two of our favorite songs from the late 80s. We bought Under The Sun (twice) when the band was yclept Paul Kelly & the Messengers, but, like, what's in a name, yeah? Fantastic tunes by one of Oz's yugest talents. You can buy the LP or individual songs here.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Resonars + Prom Body + more from AZ

Prom Body's #2. You know we love The Resonars, yes?

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee haven't had this much fun blogging in a long, long time! Ten in a row while scarcely muttering a word! Wheeeee keep this up and wheeeee just might blog more often. And these last ten only stretch from May to, I don't know, June, maybe July of this year. Gotta grab some dindin, so luego, muchacho/as.

Mindflowers - Heat Wavve

We also especialllly like #5, 6, 7, and 9 by this Sacramento band. Thanks to The Active Listener for the headsup.

HYLA - Weightless Cloud

Great gaze from Perth, WA. 

Sun Mahshene - On Blood w/ Paul O'Connor

Pscintillating psychgaze from Dublin. Check out #1 (all three, if you like) on this EP as well.

Yo maté a tu perro - Todo está bien

No, we didn't off yer pooch, they did. Or so they say. All's cool, mkay?

The Blue Giant Zeta Puppies - Martians Don't Surf

For the psychedelically inclined, courtesy of The Active Listener.


It probably takes a lot of guts to make music, or do anything, in their CITY these days. And do they ever do it well!

Travelling Wave - Motorcycle Two

Great driving gaze from Brazil! A little muted because it's a rehearsal session. The studio version and full resulting LP are available for nypdl here.

The Astral Planes - Stay Alive

We already posted #2 ("Tides") by this Louisville band and then found the whole dangnice LP available for free download. Might we also recommend #7 & #9? Why, yes, we just might, and do.

The Thing: Spike (plus much more)

We already posted #1 by these Torineros (or whatever people from that enchanted land call themselves), but then found this whole downloadable LP. We especially love #3 (see above in pride of place), #6, & #8. BTW, we're planning to post a bunch of songs without a bunch of commentary. By the time you reach this post, you'll see what was going on. Being minor league bloggers, it really doesn't matter now, does it?

Monday, August 24, 2015

La Garçonne: Stranger in the Dark

My god, what a song, perfect for doing whatever one does with a(n) hiatus: end it, mend it, break it, kill it, cause it (because, let's face it, it wouldn't even exist if it weren't ended, mended, etc. It'd just be cessation, death, terminus, whatever). Anyway, sorry. we've been otherwise engaged (although we've dropped oodles at Songdrop.)

Found at TBTCI, for which, many, many thanks. Go there and read the interview and listen to more. Facebook. Bandcamp.

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Music of the Sphere: Static Daydream, EZTV, La Luz, Wavves, Dante Elephante, Widowspeak, Explorers Club, The Oohlas


Words cannot express the gratitude we feel toward these hostingpostingbloggers, so we won't even try. ("Cop-out, pp, cop-out." "STFU, pp, STFU.")

Static Daydream - More Than Today - Magnet Magazine Blog

EZTV - Trampoline - Still in Rock
La Luz - Weirdo Shrine - Still in Rock
Wavves - Way Too Much - Still in Rock

Dante Elephante - Never Trust A Junkie - Side One Track One
Widowspeak - Dead Love (So Still) - Side One Track One
Explorers Club - Last Kiss - Side One Track One - in a "one blog wonders" kind of post; Beach Boysesque, as we said before
The Oohlas - Small Parts - Side One Track One - in that self-same "obw" post; We long ago posted our personal fave by TO, and it's just below here. And, oh, wow, we just noticed "Small Parts" or "small parts" is offered with four more songs at Bandcamp for nyp download. (nyp = name your price, duh)

Sunday, August 02, 2015

SoundCloudownloadables: The Higher State, Wireheads, The Wheelers Of Oz, Crossed Wires, Aerial Love Feed, The Death Of Pop

We hope you didn't mind our posting those SoundCloud ditties that weren't downloadable or droppable. If you did, perhaps the following will atone.

We love these Folkstone chimers. Thanks to The Sound of Confusion for the headsup.

Adelaiders on Brisbane's Tenth Court label.

Still down under but further west (Perth, to be precise).

Hatchers from Halifax.

Straight outta Brooklyn.

Yes, we posted these Londoners before. Your point? (Btw, those previously posted songs are still available as free and legals.)
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