Thursday, August 06, 2015

Music of the Sphere: Static Daydream, EZTV, La Luz, Wavves, Dante Elephante, Widowspeak, Explorers Club, The Oohlas


Words cannot express the gratitude we feel toward these hostingpostingbloggers, so we won't even try. ("Cop-out, pp, cop-out." "STFU, pp, STFU.")

Static Daydream - More Than Today - Magnet Magazine Blog

EZTV - Trampoline - Still in Rock
La Luz - Weirdo Shrine - Still in Rock
Wavves - Way Too Much - Still in Rock

Dante Elephante - Never Trust A Junkie - Side One Track One
Widowspeak - Dead Love (So Still) - Side One Track One
Explorers Club - Last Kiss - Side One Track One - in a "one blog wonders" kind of post; Beach Boysesque, as we said before
The Oohlas - Small Parts - Side One Track One - in that self-same "obw" post; We long ago posted our personal fave by TO, and it's just below here. And, oh, wow, we just noticed "Small Parts" or "small parts" is offered with four more songs at Bandcamp for nyp download. (nyp = name your price, duh)

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