Wednesday, January 31, 2007

MoGloNo: Dressy Bessy, New Pornographers, Portastatic, Grandaddy

Response was gratifying to the posting of Glorious Noise downloadables last week, so here are a few more. Not right up to date, but if you like 'em and want 'em, so what? Sartorially resplendent Elizabeth primp at left.

Dressy Bessy - Side 2 mp3
The New Pornographers - Use It - To Matador download page; then scroll down
Portastatic - Sour Shores mp3
Grandaddy - Jeez Louise mp3

Heyday Revisited: Plasticland

Plasticland were yet another love at first listen. Neo-psychedelia from Milwaukee. “Gloria Night” was my favorite off their second full-length, Wonderful Wonderful Wonderland, but the whole album is packed with grooves that will effectively alter your perspective. Read more here, buy this good stuff here and here. Fire up the lava lamps, close your eyes (preferably in that order), and assume the position. Oh, yeh, and click the song title. 4 days + 3 days = the chronolength of this one's sojourn here.

Plasticland - Wonderful, Wonderful Wonderland - Gloria Night

The Shins Live on Letterman

The Shins performed "Turn on Me" on The Letterman Show last Tuesday, January 23, release day for their latest album, Wincing the Night Away. This is the tune with the opening riff reminiscent of The Crystals' "And Then He Kissed Me."

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More from

As promised, herewith are a few more delights tracked down at the excellent Artist of the Week site. I'm only posting a fraction of the great grooves so generously makes available on an ongoing basis. Copenhagen's Figurines cut a fine figure, left. Oh, ho ho.

Figurines - The Wonder mp3
HiSoft - Soft Rock mp3
The Adored - Tell Me Tell Me mp3
The Magic Numbers - Forever Lost mp3
The Morning After Girls - Straight Thru You mp3
The Purrs - Loose Talk mp3
The Whigs - Technology mp3

Heyday Revisited: Ultra Vivid Scene

This was another of the myriad groups and songs I discovered through the good offices of DJ Jody Denberg of radio station KLBJ out of Austin, Texas. Ultra Vivid Scene began as the solo project of New York prodigy Kurt Ralske. He recorded two albums, a self-titled one in 1988 and Joy: 1967-1990 in 1990 before recruiting other musicians for 1992’s Rev. The superbo "Staring at the Sun" is from Joy:1967-1990. Read more here and buy at eMusic here. Posted for halfafortnight.

Ultra Vivid Scene - Joy: 1967-1990 - Staring at the Sun

Monday, January 29, 2007

At Silversun Pickups, Oohlas, Locksley, Subways, Pernice Brothers

Got pretty darned excited by the incredible number of great grooves (sorry for all alliteration of late, it's congenital) at's Artist of the Day pages. I'm going to post a series of them over the next few days. I've been looking for a link to the Silversun song for months now. Yippee-ti-yi-yo, dawgies! That's the Picks picktured above. (Mangling names is a way some of us bloggers intimate in-the-know association with groups we'll never get close to in a million suns.) And a big thank you to Spin!

Silversun Pickups - Well Thought Out Twinkles mp3
The Oohlas - Small Parts mp3
LocksleyDon’t Make Me Wait mp3
The Subways - Rock & Roll Queen mp3
The Pernice Brothers - There Goes The Sun mp3

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Recent Finds: Confusions, Welcome, Ma'ams, Edmund's Crown

Here's a small collection of recent finds bringing eustachian enchantment. Belying their name, Sweden's The Confusions gaze forth clear-eyed at left. I could not find an info link to The Ma'ams, but I'll keep trying. Let me know if you have one. The others have linkywinks. I know, I know, cut the cute.

The Confusions - Painted People mp3 - J.A. told stytzer, stytzer passed it on and has another song. Thanks.
Welcome - All Set mp3
The Ma'ams --Freakout '68 mp3- Thanks to Team Clermont. Click on the TC link for a terrific number by The Saps.
Edmund’s Crown - Feet on the Ground mp3

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Oliver North Boy Choir

From an ungodly name comes heavenly music. These, um, boys definitely got the pipes (and apparently, a taste for irony). Mikkel is a current and wife Camilla (left) a former member of the fabulous epo-555, whom I previously posted here and here. I do not believe Ivan is married to either of them, although Mikkel and Ivan used to be in a group called "Ivanhoe." Heh. Stytzer’s got more by ONBC at Hits in the Car. I thank him for introducing me to this incarnation of fellow Danes. Click band name for info. (Might I suggest either "Boy" or "Choir?" No use sullying your pointer).

Oliver North Boy Choir
Something New mp3
Albertino mp3

Friday, January 26, 2007

Big Bloc I: SXSW 2006 Roundup

Okay, I'm a bit skitterish about this one, so please bear with me. Back in early December, I went group-by-group, song-by-song through a long list of artists I found at the 2006 South-by-Southwest festival website. I sampled every song I didn't already know and prepared my own list of the ones I liked best, old friends and new. For various reasons totally uninteresting even to myself I've just never posted a big bloc of the songs, some of which are by some of my favorite current artists. Soooooo, I'm simply going to copy and paste the entire deck of 52 right here and now. Maybe you'll look it over and find some things you like. It might appear a bit overwhelming, maybe it seems a copout on my part, maybe you won't respect me in the morning (and for some of you, it already is morning, so we won't even have to wait). Due to the time factor, I'm not doing the usual drill of providing links to the band names. I trust your ability to Google the ones that interest you. All of these are mp3s. I'm eschewing labelling each one as such so they'll be easier for you to hunt and gather. I have retained spelling and punctuation from the site. If you like this one, I've got a similiar list for SXSW 2005. Also if you like this one, you might want to click on the SXSW link up there and check out the rest of the list for yourself. Maybe you'll discover I left out some of your favorite stuff (although I've posted another twenty or thirty the past month-and-a-half). So without further ado, I post our first Big Bloc. Now I'm going to hide somewhere till the dust settles.

The Ark - One Of Us Is Gonna Die Young
Bellaparker - Instead
Boyskout - Back to Bed
The Brother Kite - Death Ray
Butterfly Explosion - The Great Game
The Capes - Tightly Wound
The Capitol Years - Juicers
The Carrots - The Train Song
Centro-matic - Calling Thermatico
Cruiserweight - Goodbye Daily Sadness
Cuff the Duke - Take My Money And Run
The Dresden Dolls - Girl Anachronism
Dressy Bessy - Electrified
Earlimart - The Hidden Track
Editors - Munich
Elf Power - Walking With the Beggar Boys
epo-555 - Hyperschlieb
The Evangelicals - Diving
Flogging Molly - The Seven Deadly Sins
The Foxymorons - Harvard Hands
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly - Whitewash Is Brainwash
The Giraffes - The Giraffes
The Grates - Sukkafish
Great Lake Swimmers - Various Stages
Headlights - Tokyo
Islands - Dont call me Witney Bobby
Lovetones - Mantra
Mazarin - New American Apathy
The Meligrove Band - Everyone's A Winner
The Mendoza Line - Mysterious in Black
Metric - Monster Hospital
Midlake - Balloon Maker
The Minus 5 - Retrieval Of You
The Morning After Girls - High Skies
The Most Serene Republic - Content Was Always My Favorite Colour
Jim Noir - My Patch
Of Montreal - Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games
OK GO - A million ways
The Owls - Air
Owen - She's a Thief
Page France - Junkyard
Palaxy Tracks - Grey Snake
Ariel Pink - helen
Pink Mountaintops - Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy
Rainer Maria - Burn
Silversun Pickups - Kissing Families
Sound Team - Fastest Man Alive
Tullycraft - Stowaway
The Twilight Singers - Teenage Wristband
Laura Veirs - Galaxies
The Whigs - Violet Furs
zZz - House of Sin

Whoa Oh

One of the in-the-knows on the Audities mailing list recommended Copenhageners The 20 Belows, so I went to Whoa Oh Records to check it out. An hour or two later I emerged with eleven winning numbers. How shall I characterize these songs? I shan't. Well, okay, untwist my arm and I'll unlumber. Poppy. Lots of fuzz. Fun. (Sorry, didn't mean to get so deep.) Here are four. More to follow. You really would do yourself a favor by getting on the Audities mailing list. Last month approximately 75-80 of my 90 eMusic downloads were based on recommendations I got from Auditeers. Also, if you like pawing through record label sites' free media offerings, I left quite a few behind at Whoa Oh--nine, I think. Am I giving away secrets of the blogging sisterbrotherhood? Welllll...... Oh, and I don't quite know how to say it. . .but I didn't know Copenhageners could sound like this. Neato.

The 20belows - Headaches and Moodswings - Down Again mp3
The Ergs - Dork Rock Cork Rod - Everything Falls Apart Again mp3
The Unlovables - Crush, Boyfriend, Heartbreak - If You Were Here mp3
The Teen Sensation Glasses - The Vents/TSG - Secret Weapon mp3

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Glorious Noise: Camera Obscura, Arcade Fire, Graham Coxon, Of Montreal

With the help of their latest newsletter, I found my way to some excellent songs posted at Glorious Noise. Herewith, a selection. Some of the songs posted below have been out awhile now. Click artist names for info.

Camera Obscura - Let's Get Out Of This Country mp3
The Arcade Fire - Black Mirror mp3
Graham Coxon - Standing On My Own mp3
Of Montreal - Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse mp3

Heyday Revisited: The Church

Yeh, don't worry, I've sensed it. Some of you cogniscenti have been smirking right the way through this Heyday thing I've been doing. You've been thinking things like, "Okay, Mr. Blogger Man, if you were really one of us, if you were really in the know, if you really knew your "heyday," you'd be posting something from the real Heyday. You'd be posting something by those righteous men of Oz, The Church. And you know, you're right. I remember the thrill, the shiver of pleasure the first time I heard them. And the song posted below was the one. It was recommended to me by the guy I'm calling "James," referred to in an earlier post. The Church quickly became one of my all-time favorite bands. You've most likely heard their biggest hit, the transcendent "Under the Milky Way," from their album, Starfish. If not, go watch it at YouTube and buy it at the links I'm posting. (I'll provide the link or post it here when YouTube is back up and running.) I had the pleasure of seeing the band with some dear friends in Austin during the Gold Fix Afternoon tour. Wow! So here we go. Read here, buy here and here, and visit them here, s'il vous plaît. And this just in from their bandsite:
The new Church acoustic album EL MOMENTO SIGUIENTE "the following moment" is NOW AVAILABLE to purchase here at Churchmerch and will available from Liberation Blue in shops around Australia on 3rd February 2007 . . . This album is not available anywhere else in the world. Click the link below to go direct to Churchmerch. You can also hear selected tracks playing at our MySpace!
With this, as with all of the Heyday Revisited songs, on the seventh day we wrest.

The Church - Heyday - Myrrh

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Parasol Plays Nice. . .

. . .and they do it pretty much every week. Here are some nice ones I found at their free mp3 site. The Three Hour Tour song serves to remind us there are but 22 shopping days (including the mad rush on the day itself) until V-Day.

Three Hour Tour - Valentines Day mp3
Crippled Pilgrims - So Clean mp3
Mas Rapido! - Later That Same Day mp3
Twin Princess - Althea mp3
Unbunny - Nothing Comes To Rest mp3
Shimmer Kids Underpop Association - Burning Bridges mp3

Heyday Revisited: The Smithereens

Again, I gave some indication as to how much The Smithereens mean to me in an earlier post previewing their just-released Beatles tribute album, the delightful Meet the Smithereens. I also previously posted a song by Don Dixon, who produced Green Thoughts, the album on which the song posted below is found. Ever heard a song in which every freakin’ sound totally delights you? “Elaine” does that to me, and it happens song after Smithereens song. I'm providing links whereby you can purchase Smithereens albums and individual songs. You can stream three songs from Meet the Smithereens here and buy it here. One-week post.

The Smithereens - Green Thoughts - Elaine

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Shins: Wincing the Night Away

As you have perhaps noticed, I'm not much given here to writing reviews. My main and pleasant task is to post music I like and you might. I don't emote much about songs, preferring to let you decide for yourself. If I post a song, it means I like or love it. You might not, and that's (sniff) fine. I have my reasons but they might not necessarily be yours. I jotted down a lot of notes as I first listened to The Shins' Wincing the Night Away, released today, thinking I might, this once, depart from form. It's just not what I want to do. Most of what I might say would merely feel like showing off or showing (myself) up. I've purposely avoided haunting all my favorite music blogs today so as not to be predisposed one way or another. It's been fun and strange to know the whole indie world is abuzz about this but still not know exactly what they're saying. But I'll say this: I love this band and I love this album. I'm right on the verge of letting go and raving, but I'll hold myself in check. Two groups have by far attracted more visits to this blog than any others: The Beatles and The Shins, and with good reason. So I'll simply repost "Phantom Limb" and three earlier songs and let it be and encourage you one way or another to get and let the rest of this sublime music flow through you. The Shins will definitely. . .you know.

The Shins
Wincing the Night Away - Phantom Limb mp3
Oh, Inverted World - Know Your Onion mp3
Chutes Too Narrow
Kissing The Lipless mp3
So Says I mp3

Promise Keepers: Dead To Me, No Use For A Name, Soviettes

I promised more from Fat Wreck Chords, so I guess I better follow through. With pleasure. The first song is in honor of the surge (not). After that, we lighten up. The Soviettes (pic) say they're not at all communists but definitely party-oriented. One of them looks more like a Soviet, and that's cool. What does this have to do with the music, one might ask? Not sure, but I want to mention that last week the songs at FWC were zipping right open. Tonight they're moving slower than a toilet paper line at pre-90s GUM. (This post's title will probably get some interesting Googlings. You should've seen the disappointed faces on those who searched for "girls" and got Girls at Our Best! Of course, now it's probably gonna happen again. I'll keep you posted.)

Dead To Me - Don't Lie mp3
No Use For A Name
For Fiona mp3
Soulmate mp3
The Soviettes - Multiply And Divide mp3

Heyday Revisited: The Cavedogs

In one of my earliest posts, I made it about as clear as I succinctly can how much I treasure these Beantown brilliants. Please go read that post and listen to those songs if you like, before, after, or. . .well, before or after listening to this deluxe dopaminer of a song. I just checked and The Cavedogs' albums are still available at Amazon for ridiculously low prices. (How does, like, $.10 and $2.39 sounds?) I have to woof in agreement with the person named "Anonymous" who opined at my previous post that someone needs to reissue the 'dogs albums. This will be posted for seven days.

The Cavedogs - Joyrides for Shut-ins - Leave Me Alone

Monday, January 22, 2007

R&N-S-R Finds: Pinto, Icicles, Ruby Suns, Melophonia

Recent and not-so-recent finds/very much likes. Click names for more of what you need. At left, The Icicles fearlessly faced the dangerous melting season. No such danger at the moment.

The Icicles - Sugar Sweet mp3 - Thanks to Bob.

Old Friends at Merge: Rosebuds, Ashley Stove, Clientele

I was poking around at one of my favorite labels and emerged with the following by some old friends. Click for info and more tunes. The Rosebuds bloom left.

The Rosebuds
My Downtown Friends m3u
Leaves Do Fall m3u
Blue Bird mp3
The Ashley Stove Devo Freak m3u
The Clientele - E.M.P.T.Y. m3u

Ego, aha, yo, haha, ka, heh, uwa, ja, ouv, e'e, oo, nggih, da, v, oui, si, ho, weewawo, ken, yog mas!

Ask me if I love this song and group. Answer hints above. More here. You know 'em, you love 'em, but read more here and here. Watch video here. Get better recording quality here.

Heavenly - Trophy Girlfriend wma

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tired of Waiting for Time

Boy howdy, my sentiments exactly, fellers, you bet your Beckett. I've been coming across lots of good stuff but it's the same dilemma day after day: I just don't have time to write it up. Soooo, if you prefer a blog awash with words, I do apologize. If you prefer something more in the way of music, I have it indidi. So let's gogo, if you're feelin' lucky, punks. (Now, how do I work in Pozzo? Oh well, no biggie.)

The Broken West - So It Goes mp3 - Thanks, 5 Acts.
Trucker Cleavage - Imaginary Friend mp3 - Thanks, Indie MP3.
Sebadoh - The Freed Pig mp3 - Thanks, extrawack!
Okay Paddy - Oo-man, la-world mp3
Peter Bjorn and John - Let's Call It Off (single mix) mp3 - Thanks, *Sixeyes.
Aaron Schroeder - Fake Crimes demo mp3 - Props again to the double-bespectacled one. Or maybe it's glasses over contacts. Quite intriguing, and I'll probably never really know.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Distaff: Tralala, Shalini, Tegan and Sara, Angie Heaton

Let’s spin a few on the distaff. I’ve posted two songs previously by both Tralala and Shalini, so you can click on the names to refresh or inject your memory. The affecting voices of Tegan and Sara have given me pleasure for a couple of years now, while I blushingly confess to only just having found Angie Heaton, formerly of Corndolly, Liquorette, and Tractor Kings. Tegan and Sara are pictured. Again, clicking artist names below will bring certain benefits. For example, Tegan and Sara have six excellent downloadable mp3s at the Audio page of their website.

Tralala - Take Me As I Am mp3
Shalini - Get Free mp3
Tegan and Sara -Walking With a Ghost mp3
Angie Heaton - Let It Ride mp3

Chris Brown

Reviewers and bloggers have been touting Chris Brown's Now That You're Fed since its release last February. In an Audities mailing list message yesterday, powerpop guru David Bash anointed the album as the Best of 2006. Here is a song from Brown's website to take you on a first--or maybe 100th-- step toward deciding (if you haven't already).

Chris Brown - All My Rivals mp3

Friday, January 19, 2007

Today's Finds: Story of the Sea, Buildings Breeding, Ceremony, The Adored

Here are a few songs I came across today that I liked. Click on band names to learn and/or hear more. Story of the Sea are pictured.

Story of the Sea - Future Subterfuge - Click song name, go the MySpace site and listen/download there. - Thanks to 5 Acts.
Buildings Breeding - Stacking Up Reasons mp3 - Thanks to extrawack's "Baker's Dozen."
Ceremony - Seconds - Click song name, go the MySpace site and listen/download there. - Thanks to Morten at Hits in the Car, who has another by Ceremony.
The Adored - Let Me Take Your Foto - Click song name, go to MySpace site and listen/download there. - On a couple of Audities experts' Best of 06 lists

Heyday Revisited: Too Much Joy

Although partly known for zany, attention-grabbing antics, New Yorkers Too Much Joy recorded a number of excellent alternative songs, including my personal favorite, "Crush Story," from their 1991 major label debut, Cereal Killers. Read more here, buy some here, here, here, and here. One weeker. . .

Too Much Joy - Crush Story

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Again, I've meditated long and hard as to whether to post this one at ppop, even though I love the song and even though song and album appeared on myriad Best of 06 lists. The time has come to do the deed. Midlake formed deep in the heart of North Texas back in 2000. "Roscoe" is on their third album, The Trials of Van Occupanther. But wait, you can read more here and here or just hear. I must confess my pants never got in a bunch over the opening riff, further evidence of my lack of critical acumen.

Midlake - Roscoe mp3

At Fat Wreck Chords: Epoxies, Dickies, Bad Astronaut, Chixdiggit!

Thanks to Peter over at Coast is Clear for showing the way to the link for "Radiation," by Portland's The Epoxies. I’ve liked this song for quite some time now but didn’t know where it lived. Tracking it down to the group’s label, Fat Wreck Chords (whoa, too clever, man) put me in touch with other enjoyable bands, some of which I knew, most of which I happily did not. Here are several that tickled my fancy. Royal we’ll post more in the near future. Click band names if you like.

The Epoxies - Radiation mp3
The Dickies - Donut Man mp3
Bad Astronaut - Autocare mp3
Chixdiggit! - Geocities Kitty mp3

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Arcade Fire

I've liked these Montrealers since first hearing them but haven't felt their music quite comports with what I'm generally posting at this blog. That changed a little while ago when I found the following at Merge Records.

The Arcade Fire - Rebellion (Lies) mp3


Sacramento-based Rocketship created 60’s-style pop layered “with droning analog organs and waves of ringing guitars,” as All Music puts it. All Music likens the feelings evoked, if not the sound, to those brought forth by Stereolab and My Bloody Valentine. Slumberland Records has made available the 1993 album, A Certain Smile, A Certain Sadness, which you can find here. The following two songs are from that album.

Rocketship - A Certain Smile, A Certain Sadness
I Love You Like The Way I Used To Do mp3
I'm Lost Without You Here mp3

Heyday Revisited: Big Dipper

I loved this Boston band and this song, among many others. I'm a bit short of time, so I'll just link to the occasionally snippy All Music summary--with which I don't fully agree--and leave it to your ears. All three full-length albums are listed on this Amazon page. Slam is available at Amazon for $.01. One week, then buh-bye.

Big Dipper - Slam
Love Barge

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Eames Era

The ever-vigilant Morten at Hits in the Car has discovered The Eames Era have revamped their website and stocked it with mp3s from their soon-to-be-released album Heroes and Sheroes. Since just last week he kindly acknowledged my earlier posting of The Eames Era, I'm going to go ahead and post all three of the Heroes and Sheroes mp3s. And to save trouble for you clickaphobes, I'm posting here everything the group is making available at their website. I love these Pelican Staters and can't wait to hear the rest of the new album. I encourage you to head over to eMusic and check out the rest of The Eames Era songs. I did so after first coming across them and downloaded a bunch of good stuff. As always, Morten is afire with great new music, so here too is the homepage for Hits in the Car.

The Eames Era
Heroes and Sheroes
When You were a Millionaire mp3
Last To Know mp3
Both Hands Full mp3
Double Dutch
Year of the Waitress mp3
Go to Sleep mp3
The Second EP
Could be Anything mp3


It’s always great to spend a couple of your monthly eMusic downloads on two great songs and then find them free of charge at their record label website two minutes later. . .Rea!ly. I’m glad I can post them! (That ! in the midd!e of their name both turns me on, stands for more than one !etter, and is no exaggeration!) I was tracking down an Audities best of 2006 band (to be posted later) and found Sw!ms. If they haven’t been on any bo lists they should have been. I’m guessing they’re the best thing out of Scranton, PA since Dunder-Mifflin. Enough talk, let’s go deep.

Sw!ms - Ride of the Blueberry Winter
Depth Charge mp3
We Need Lava mp3

Heyday Revisited: Tex and the Horseheads

The look, the attitude, even the sound do not say “powerpop,” but Angelenos Tex & the Horseheads were recommended to me by one of the purest poppers I’ve ever known. (We’ll call him “James,” as that is his name.) I for one will be eternally grateful. Trouser Press’sss description probably won’t attract you either. I quote in part:
One of the wilder exponents of cow-punk, Tex and the Horseheads are spiritual kin to the Gun Club. And while they lean towards a very punky image (lead singer Texacala Jones dresses like a female Stiv Bator; on the first album, the bassist's name is Smog Vomit and the drummer is Rock Vodka), their playing is fairly coherent.
Faint praise if I've ever heard it. Tough tacos, I don't care, I love 'em. Rest assured that their debut album is available, used, at Amazon. . .for $99.99. That’s the only place I found their music for sale. You can frolic with them, if you dare, at their MySpace site. One-week post.

Tex & the Horseheads - Oh Mother

Monday, January 15, 2007

Heyday Revisited: Judybats

I was first enamored of Knoxville, Tennessee’s The Judybats via their haunting cover of “She Lives (In a time of Her Own)” on the superb Roky Erickson tribute album Where the Pyramid Meets the Eye. Although they enjoyed modest success on college radio, they never quite achieved the recognition they deserved. After checking the usual places, I could only find Marketplace copies of their now out-of-print albums at Amazon, at incredibly reasonable prices. There was one song at eMusic and one song and some videos for sale at iTunes. I am posting for one week my favorite Judybats song, the title track from their excellent debut album, Native Son. Here is a band summary at All Music. One week up, then down.

The Judybats – Native Son

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Red Orkestra/Share and Share and Share Alike

It’s almost too good to be true, so I’ll simply share precisely what Share says.
Welcome to the Fading Ways SHARE website. Here you can download, for free, all of the tracks released to date in the SHARE sampler series. You are also free to copy them and give them to friends and family, upload them to your p2p networks, and let as many people as possible hear them. As long as you use them non-commercially, so that any money that is made from their use goes direct back to the artist, you are granted permission to do whatever else you like with them, thanks to the Creative Commons license under which the SHARE samplers have been released.
There's more, so check it out, if you're so inclined. Meanwhile, here’s the song I like best so far. Thanks yet again (there will be many repeats) to the MLD at Hits in the Car. Oh, and that'd be Waterloo, Ontario's Red Orkestra in the pic.

Red Orkestra - Radio Towers mp3

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Again to the Archives

After the favorable response last time, we return for another visit to the Powerpopulist Archives. Some of these aren't particularly new, but to some, that won't matter. Click on band names for links.

Cotton Mather - Lost My Motto (Millenium Chrome Version) mp3
The Morning After Girls - Run For Our Lives mp3
The Last - Looking at You mp3
Headlights - TV mp3
The New Pornographers - The Laws Have Changed Direct link removed by record company; click on song name, go to bandsite, listen to song there
Tralala - Fired Up mp3
Levy - Rotten Love mp3
The Shins - Phantom Limb mp3
The Radio Dept. - Pulling Our Weight mp3
The Green Pajamas - The Secret of Bethany's Mouth wma


Due for release in Canada this coming Tuesday, College Grove by Vancouver’s Abernethy is filled with gorgeous, deeply moving music. I don’t have a lot of information on what seems to be a solo project-with-friends, but the songs themselves provide what you need to know. They reward close and repeated attention. Here are my three favorites.

Abernethy - College Grove
Astronaut mp3
Millions mp3
Unforgettably Young mp3

Friday, January 12, 2007

We The They

They said they hoped to get my toe tappin’, but little did I know they’d get the whole corpus twitching with pleasure. New Yorkers We The They have a European tour pending and will soon be releasing a split 7 inch with Siluh Records stablemates Killed by 9v Batteries. You should know as well they are endorsed by no less than 60s guitar greats The Ventures and their guitar company, Wilson Bros. “Give me a motive,” they sing, but I’m awfully glad they motivated me to listen to such an excellent band of poppers. Read and listen to more at their MySpace site.

We The They
Start the Hop mp3
Bear Trap mp3

Welcome to Bubbyworld: Dufflecoats, They Go Boom, Bedflowers, Strawberry Story, Haywains

Yeh, so this is quite the antimetal site and I do like metal and goth and such but sometimes it’s good to get in touch with one’s inner wimp. This site will flat fey you down, and you’ll be glad as you tweest and shout, or maybe sigh really, really loud. "Bubbyworld." Waaaaah! Heh. Oh, and go here for more. Thanks to the always excellent Mira el Péndulo for the headsup.

Dufflecoats - Sunny Tuesday Afternoon mp3
They Go Boom - Body mp3
Bedflowers - My Ex-Lovers Address mp3
Strawberry Story - Ashlands Road mp3
Haywains - Kill Karaoke mp3

Heyday Revisited: The Godfathers

If you’re full of rage, you might as well don a shiny suit and skinny tie. I guess. Whatever, these angry Londoners put out four hard-hitting albums, with their second, Birth, School, Work Death, a certifiable alternative classic. It has song after excellent song - the title song, "If I Only Had Time," "Tell Me Why," "When Am I Coming Down," "Cause I Said So" - and is one of those rare albums I enjoy listening to from first song to last. My favorite has always been one of the perhaps lesser known tunes on BSWD, “Love is Dead.” For those who like their pop with an ooch of snarl. Check out the full catalog here and Birth, School, Work, Death here. Also, read more at All Music.

The Godfathers - Love is Dead

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Finds: Ruetschle, Jennifers, Battle Royale, Orchids

Found in their lairs of late. I wish I had more time to expound, but currently, it's not happening. More mp3s are available at some of the bandsites, so clicken, ustedes, si vous los desean. Gorgeous picture, eh? And as you'll note here, it's pronounced "richly."

Ruetschle - Can You Remember? mp3
The JennifersLazy Stalker mp3
The Battle Royale - Oh, Martha mp3
The Orchids - From This Day mp3 Weekly Downloads

Here are the ones I liked best this week at's Weekly Free Downloads.

The Zebras - Car of Idiots mp3
Tiger Baby - Sweetheart mp3
Mobius Band - Starts Off with a Bang mp3
The Lovekevins - Blame the English mp3
The Positions - Every Conversation mp3

P. S.: All five songs played perfectly in Windows Media Player 10. After "upgrading" to WMP 11, the Tiger Baby and Mobius Band songs wouldn't play on my computer. Please tell me if you have trouble with them. I've contacted Microsoft "customer service," but, well, you know.

Heyday Revisited: Something Happens

Here’s the opening line in the Wikipedia summary: “Something Happens were an Irish pop-rock band whose heyday was the late 1980s – early 1990s." Heyday. Late 1980s – early 1990s. I'm suing the Wikis for stealing my theme line. Maybe. Anyway, I loved this band as soon as I heard their second full-length, Stuck Together with God's Glue. “What Now” is a pretty much perfect song, but please don't take my word for it. The Wikipedia article says “Parachute” and “Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello (Petrol)” were more popular, so please go check them out here. "Hello, Hello. . ." had a winsome video, but when I just went to see if it's available, da Tube was tied up. I'll check it again later. You can also sample and buy other Something Happens albums here. One week post. Good buy.

Something Happens - What Now

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Legends

My absolute favorite by these Swedes, and I just copped it at's Weekly Free Downloads. Yee and ha!

The Legends - He Knows the Sun mp3

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Manhattan Love Suicides

Jared over at 5 Acts has been on a tear of late, posting song after excellent song. He said I could do this, and I've been quite abstemious for quite some time, so here goes with one that touched my sweet spot. Please return the favor by checking out the great songs at 5 Acts and the acquisitional info about TMLS' new album.

Heyday Revisited: The Brandos

We place before you, for your listening pleasure, another of our treasured numbers from the late 80s/early 90s heyday. Of course if you prefer simply to stare at the names of the band and the song (not to mention the picture), that is fine, too. New York’s The Brandos were another early and immensely satisfying discovery for me during that era. During the early 80s The Brandos’ frontman Dave Kincaid had been in the Seattle powerpop band The Allies but split and moved to New York, where he eventually formed the rootsier group featured here. Read more at All Music. What I like most about “A Matter of Survival”: the hook, the syncopated guitar/drum interplay, the vocals and lyrics, the sentiments, the clever, extended solo, and the ending. The debut album, Honor Among Thieves, from which the posted song is taken, is very much available here. Other albums from The Brandos’ catalog are for sale here. Again, posted for one week.

The Brandos - A Matter of Survival

Monday, January 08, 2007

Heyday Revisited: The Pursuit of Happiness

Over the next few weeks, and partly due to the request of an old friend, I intend to post songs from the late 80s/early 90s. For a variety of reasons, this was a kind of heyday of musical discovery for me. The right friends, the right media, the right dj (bless you, Jody Denberg), the right record stores all came together in a happy confluence of great music. Terrific Torontans The Pursuit of Happiness were one of the first groups I discovered during that time, and their music was absolutely infectious. “I’m An Adult Now,” “She’s So Young, “ and “Hard to Laugh” were great tunes and more widely popular, but my favorite song from their Todd Rundgren-produced debut Love Junk has always been “When the Sky Comes Falling Down.” You can buy Love Junk here, and you won’t be sorry. It’s one of my favorite albums from the golden age of late 80s alternative. (Yeh, yeh, alternative to what? Bleh.) Other albums from the TPOH catalogue are available here. Each heyday song I post will be up for but one week. If you like, buy more and tell your friends.

The Pursuit of Happiness - When the Sky Comes Falling Down
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