Thursday, January 25, 2007

Heyday Revisited: The Church

Yeh, don't worry, I've sensed it. Some of you cogniscenti have been smirking right the way through this Heyday thing I've been doing. You've been thinking things like, "Okay, Mr. Blogger Man, if you were really one of us, if you were really in the know, if you really knew your "heyday," you'd be posting something from the real Heyday. You'd be posting something by those righteous men of Oz, The Church. And you know, you're right. I remember the thrill, the shiver of pleasure the first time I heard them. And the song posted below was the one. It was recommended to me by the guy I'm calling "James," referred to in an earlier post. The Church quickly became one of my all-time favorite bands. You've most likely heard their biggest hit, the transcendent "Under the Milky Way," from their album, Starfish. If not, go watch it at YouTube and buy it at the links I'm posting. (I'll provide the link or post it here when YouTube is back up and running.) I had the pleasure of seeing the band with some dear friends in Austin during the Gold Fix Afternoon tour. Wow! So here we go. Read here, buy here and here, and visit them here, s'il vous plaît. And this just in from their bandsite:
The new Church acoustic album EL MOMENTO SIGUIENTE "the following moment" is NOW AVAILABLE to purchase here at Churchmerch and will available from Liberation Blue in shops around Australia on 3rd February 2007 . . . This album is not available anywhere else in the world. Click the link below to go direct to Churchmerch. You can also hear selected tracks playing at our MySpace!
With this, as with all of the Heyday Revisited songs, on the seventh day we wrest.

The Church - Heyday - Myrrh

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