Sunday, January 28, 2007

Recent Finds: Confusions, Welcome, Ma'ams, Edmund's Crown

Here's a small collection of recent finds bringing eustachian enchantment. Belying their name, Sweden's The Confusions gaze forth clear-eyed at left. I could not find an info link to The Ma'ams, but I'll keep trying. Let me know if you have one. The others have linkywinks. I know, I know, cut the cute.

The Confusions - Painted People mp3 - J.A. told stytzer, stytzer passed it on and has another song. Thanks.
Welcome - All Set mp3
The Ma'ams --Freakout '68 mp3- Thanks to Team Clermont. Click on the TC link for a terrific number by The Saps.
Edmund’s Crown - Feet on the Ground mp3

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