Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Promise Keepers: Dead To Me, No Use For A Name, Soviettes

I promised more from Fat Wreck Chords, so I guess I better follow through. With pleasure. The first song is in honor of the surge (not). After that, we lighten up. The Soviettes (pic) say they're not at all communists but definitely party-oriented. One of them looks more like a Soviet, and that's cool. What does this have to do with the music, one might ask? Not sure, but I want to mention that last week the songs at FWC were zipping right open. Tonight they're moving slower than a toilet paper line at pre-90s GUM. (This post's title will probably get some interesting Googlings. You should've seen the disappointed faces on those who searched for "girls" and got Girls at Our Best! Of course, now it's probably gonna happen again. I'll keep you posted.)

Dead To Me - Don't Lie mp3
No Use For A Name
For Fiona mp3
Soulmate mp3
The Soviettes - Multiply And Divide mp3

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