Thursday, January 11, 2007 Weekly Downloads

Here are the ones I liked best this week at's Weekly Free Downloads.

The Zebras - Car of Idiots mp3
Tiger Baby - Sweetheart mp3
Mobius Band - Starts Off with a Bang mp3
The Lovekevins - Blame the English mp3
The Positions - Every Conversation mp3

P. S.: All five songs played perfectly in Windows Media Player 10. After "upgrading" to WMP 11, the Tiger Baby and Mobius Band songs wouldn't play on my computer. Please tell me if you have trouble with them. I've contacted Microsoft "customer service," but, well, you know.


Parklife said...

Why use WMP anyway?? ;-) And I didn't know, Microsoft has a customer service...

(I'm a long time Mac fan & user, you know... :-)

pplist said...

Thou (du) touchest a sensitive nerve there, mein herr. My first GUI computers were Macs, and for nine years I stuck with them faithfully before going over to the dark side. OS9 was the last straw, a terribly unstable system, so instead of changing over to OSX, I bought into Windows and have generally been very pleased with the XP format. I use WMP mainly because before getting iTunes I had already built up many and long playlists in WMP and simply haven't had the time to redo them all. (Does iTunes import playlists built up in WMP?) Moreover, the first iTunes program I downloaded crashed and lost the entire music library I had imported into it. I was extremely glad I still had much of it in WMP. I shied away from iTunes for a long time after that and mainly use it now when purchasing things from the Apple Music Store. I have also come to resent Apple's highly proprietary approach to just about everything it does. Of course the same could be said of so many actions of Microsoft's, which essentially brings us back to what I infer from your well-taken point about WMP. Amazing these imperfect machines that allow us to communicate this way right here right now.

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