Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Heyday Revisited: Ultra Vivid Scene

This was another of the myriad groups and songs I discovered through the good offices of DJ Jody Denberg of radio station KLBJ out of Austin, Texas. Ultra Vivid Scene began as the solo project of New York prodigy Kurt Ralske. He recorded two albums, a self-titled one in 1988 and Joy: 1967-1990 in 1990 before recruiting other musicians for 1992’s Rev. The superbo "Staring at the Sun" is from Joy:1967-1990. Read more here and buy at eMusic here. Posted for halfafortnight.

Ultra Vivid Scene - Joy: 1967-1990 - Staring at the Sun


jess manuel said...

oh man you should have posted 'lightning' as well. i luv that song. and the album of course.

pplist said...

Yeh, it gets a little excruciating narrowing it down to one song per artist on these heyday thingies. Thanks for your suggestion. Wise shoppers will heed your advice!

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